The Tip That Will Change Your Lashes Forever (plus a few more!)

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Okay hot momma’s, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and in honor of the holiday I thought we’d do a little beauty lesson – you know, just in case some of you have a sitter, which I do not :). Plus, we’ve learned that batting those lashes is a sure way to get what we want right? So they best be in top form for maximum performance.

I am not coming with this advice from a naturally curled lash goddess perspective.  Nope, I have quite possibly the straightest lashes you’ve ever seen. So straight in fact, they point down.  They’re a challenge, but over the years I’ve become a lash master.

I have one tip in particular that just might change your life, for when your lashes have the power to channel your inner Marylin, good things happen :).  Catch me after the jump!

Secrets To Fabulous Lashes

Tips That Will Change Your Lashes Forever

Okay, let’s get straight to the good stuff. The one tip that you have to go try right now because you won’t believe your eyes. Take that eyelash curler and heat it up with your blow dryer.  Heat curls (think of your curling iron), cold eyelash curlers – well, struggle :).  Now before you drop everything and head for your make-up bag, let’s cover a few more important tips to get fabulous lashes.

Tools For Great Lashes

The Tools I Use

  • mascara – I could do a dedicated post on the best types, but for the curl challenged, you want a “dry” mascara with a curled wand. I like BareMinerals brand and MAC brand for this. I like Great Lash too, but find it too wet for my lashes, so sometimes I just use it on the tips. Wet mascara will just take the curl right out.
  • eyelash curler – this is an area where cheaper isn’t better. My favorite is actually this Japonesque Go Curl Pocket Curler or there are similar ones sold at beauty supply stores – I always get the best curl from these little plastic ones!
  • little lash comb – I don’t use this all the time, but it does come in handy
  • last but not least, your blow dryer!

Set The Stage

First, you want to start with a clean face, including clean lashes.  After you wash, you want to apply all your makeup (except lipstick) before doing your lashes. The reason for this is because after you wash and apply lotion, your lashes have too much moisture on them to be curled. You can try, but they will just go straight again.  The powders and foundation will all aid in sucking up all that moisture and prime your lashes. Plus, if you add powder after your apply mascara, you’ll have powdered lashes – not pretty :).

Using The Eyelash Curler

Use your blow dryer to heat up the lash curler – not too much now!  Remember the skin around your eye is very sensitive. To test, just place the eyelash curler on your lips, or the underside of your wrist – it should just feel warm. I have to re-heat in between eyes.

Now start at the base of your lashes as close to the lid as you can get without pinching. Press and hold there for a few seconds, then slowly move the curler up to the lash ends lightly pulsing as you go.  If you press really hard at the mid point of the lashes, they’ll just curl back towards the eyelid in an unflattering way. Then repeat if necessary.

For the lashes on the outer corner of my eyes, I like to pull them between my thumbnail and pointer finger in an upward motion for a more natural curl at the ends.

Tips For Applying Mascara

Tips for applying mascara

I like to start at the center at the very base of the lashes. Place your wand right at the base and lift up on the lases and hold for a few seconds. I kind of wiggle the wand too. Then pull through the rest of your lashes, still pulling up to the tips – I find it easiest to do this while closing my eye. At this point you can direction the lashes too. Pulling them to the outer corner of your eye while pulling up creates a flattering look. Last, I just take the tip of the wand and pull up and out the lashes on the inner corner of my eye.

If you are a fan of applying a second coat – I like to wait until the first has dried and take the lash comb through them, then apply the second coat.

Then just add the mascara to the bottom lashes – I actually skip mascara on my bottom because they are pretty sparse and long and just don’t look good dresses up.

There you have it! Everything you need to produce exceptional lash batting capabilities.  Your poor husband won’t stand a chance :).

Happy weekend friends! Thanks for reading and sharing. If you have any questions leave them in the comments!