Protect your skin from summer

sun protection clothing

Protect your skin from summer’s sizzle with sun protection clothing

The summer sun seems to bring out the carefree kid in all of us, it’s a time to relax and bathe ourselves in the worry free warmth of the season. To make the most out of those seemingly perfect days in the sun it’s important we remember to take proper care of our skin. That bright sun smiling down on us has a dark side and can be downright dangerous if we don’t take caution to cover and protect the delicate surface of our skin. We all know the value of good sunscreen and sheltering shade but there is something else we can add to our arsenal, sun protection clothing.

What is sun protection clothing?

Sun protection clothing or SPF clothes are garments specifically constructed to protect us from the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. What makes sun protection clothing different is the way it is made. Garments are created with tightly woven fabrics such as unbleached cotton, polyester, nylon and silk which block the absorption of UV rays. Color plays a role as well, darker dyes best deflect the UV rays. Many sun protection clothing manufacturers add the additional protection of certain chemicals that further absorb the harmful rays.

What to look for when choosing SPF clothing

When purchasing sun protection clothing it’s important to check the labels to be sure you’re getting the protection you’re looking for. Each product is given a UV protection factor, or UPF rating, this ranges from UPF 15 to UPF 50+. A UPF rating of 15 simply means 1/15th of the sun’s UV rays can penetrate the garment. A good rule when choosing summertime clothing in general is if you can see through when holding it up to the light, UV rays will go through it too.

What kind of sun protection clothing is available?

You can find a fantastic variety of items when shopping for sun protection clothing. Whether you’re looking for something sporty or everyday causal there is plenty to choose from. SPF clothing companies offer swimwear, shorts, skirts, long and short sleeve shirts, tees, tanks and jackets. You can also pick out a cute beach cover up, sarong or sun hat with built in, worry free protection. There are even more great products available for summer sun and safety.

Where can you find sun protection clothing?

A quick Internet search for sun protection clothing will yield enough results to fulfill you’re summertime shopping needs.

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Make the most of your summer fun while staying safe in the sizzling sun!