VelaShape: Effective Fight Against Cellulite in New York

Cellulite can be a person’s worst nightmare. No matter how well you eat or how amazing your workout is, sometimes pockets of cellulite just won’t go away. Lots of people are afraid to show their legs, abdomen or other body parts due to cellulite. This can be a major frustration during swimsuit season.

Rejuve NYC can help. Our clinic offers fast and effective treatments that target cellulite and your problem areas. The state-of-the-art and highly popular VelaShape device can significantly diminish the appearance of cellulite and make you look better in a very short amount of time. While not a weight loss procedure, Velashape can dramatically improve your appearance and rejuvenate not only a new look but also more confidence in the way you look.

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What is the VelaShape and How Does it Work?

Velashape uses four technologies in one to treat cellulite, the unsightly rippling effect of fat that is very difficult to treat. Velashape uses bipolar radio frequency, infrared light, tissue mobilization and suction to fight cellulite as one unit. It is the only FDA-approved nonsurgical, noninvasive procedure for reducing cellulite and for reducing the circumference of fat.

VelashapeThe Velashape device will apply heat to specific fat cells, without harming any surrounding tissue. The heat will serve to liberate free fatty acids from adipose (fat) tissue, which helps reduce the appearance of cellulite. The Velashape also triggers the body’s natural healing response by stimulating the arrival of collagen-producing cells, fibroblasts. Fibroblasts will boost collagen production in the treated area, which over time creates smoother, healthier and tighter looking skin.

This procedure is not a weight loss method. It is designated for problem areas on the body that have cellulite. Common areas are the thighs, buttocks, lower arms or abdomen. Cellulite can be resistant to even the best diet and workout plan, which is why many of our patients ask for the Velashape treatment.

What to Expect

At Rejuve Clinic, we begin every treatment with a consultation. During this visit, we get to know you and your desires and expectations. We conduct a complete medical history that guides in choosing the best treatment plan. The medical history looks at any medical illnesses, previous skin treatments, medications, vitamins as well as allergies. A board-certified physician will do a complete physical exam of the skin area so that a proper diagnosis is made. With the diagnosis in hand, our trained medical team will offer treatment options and make a recommendation. At this moment, you can ask any questions you have and express your concerns. Our primary goal is a satisfying cosmetic outcome, but we need to make sure you are comfortable with your choice of treatment and fully informed.

When your treatment is about to begin, you will be lying and comfortably draped on an examination table. A cooling lotion will be applied to the area of skin being treated. Next, a certified medical professional will use the VelaShape device on your skin. This process is not painful. Most people describe it as a warm, relaxing and comfortable massage. Your practitioner will roll the device back and forth several times over the area being treated. A thermometer will monitor the temperature of the area being treated. A desirable temperature range is between 107 to 111 degrees.

On average, treatment sessions take between thirty to forty-five minutes. While everyone is different and treatments vary, it is recommended that four treatments are performed over a duration of four weeks.

After your Velashape treatment, you can immediately return to your regular daily activities. You may feel a warm sensation, but for the most part, most individuals do not feel anything. Many people love the way the treatment feels and have compared it to a deep tissue massage. You may see immediate results, and you will definitely witness more significant improvements as the weeks progress.

Recovery time is not necessary after this treatment. You can easily return to any and all of your activities. While side effects are extremely rare, if you experience any discomfort, pain, symptoms of infection, swelling or bruising, always call our clinic right away to schedule an appointment.

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