Tripollar Radio Frequency Treatment at Rejuve NYC

Loose and sagging skin can be a very frustrating cosmetic battle for many, especially as we age. So can cellulite, or that unsightly dimpling that seems to occur for no reason at all.You may find yourself overly frustrated with always having to strategically plan your wardrobe or trying to futility hide problem areas in creative ways.

Sometimes, even with the best diet and exercise programs, loose and sagging skin just won’t go away. Skin-tightening surgery is not an option for many due to its invasive nature, cost and significant recovery time. Rejuve NYC offers a noninvasive, affordable and effective option, called The Tripollar Apollo, for loose-skin problem areas, fat pockets or areas of cellulite that you want to see gone.

How Does Tripollar Apollo Help Fix Loose and Sagging Skin?

TripollarAs we age, our skin naturally loses its elasticity and becomes looser. Both collagen and elastin, the two main structural proteins that keep our skin taught and firm, start to decrease. Lifestyle factors also affect skin tightness and firmness. A poor diet, smoking, dehydration and frequent sun exposure can make the skin less healthy, sag more and age faster. Gaining and losing weight rapidly can cause loose and sagging skin. Genetics and family history may also play a role. Sometimes, even with the best exercise and diet plan, problem areas still refuse to go away.

Rejuve NYC skin center in Manhattan uses the Tripollar Apollo device to address loose skin that needs tightening. Tripollar Apollo is a very safe, noninvasive and FDA-cleared device for treating issues such as loose skin and cellulite. It can significantly improve specific problem areas on the body and improve the body’s overall contour.

The skin-enhancing ability of Tripollar Apollo comes from its radiofrequency technology. The Tripollar Apollo device heats the inner layer of the skin, or dermis, thereby stimulating the body’s natural healing process, or inflammatory response. The heat is purposely applied in such a way as to specifically target very small areas of the skin. Cells called Fibroblasts will be recruited to the treated areas and increase the production of collagen. Over the next few weeks, the increased production of collagen will result in tighter, firmer skin. The outer layer of the skin, or epidermis, will not be affected by the energy released from the Tripollar Apollo device, as this is not a resurfacing treatment.

Who Makes a Good Candidate for Tripollar Apollo?

A good candidate for this treatment is anyone who has a BMI below 30 and wants to treat problem areas of loose skin, fat or cellulite. Obese patients are not good candidates, as this treatment is more geared for problem areas on people of normal, healthy weight. It is not a weight-loss procedure. Common problem areas we treat are the buttocks, abdomen, upper arms, thighs and love handles. Tripollar Apollo is safe and effective for all skin types and pigments.

What to Expect:

At Rejuve Clinic, we begin every treatment with a consultation where we get to know you and your cosmetic expectations. We take a complete medical history which assists in determining the best treatment option. We will ask about any medical illnesses, previous skin treatments, medications, vitamins and allergies.
Tripollar NYC

Rejuve Clinic’s trained medical staff, supervised by top New York City physician, Dr. Marina Gafanovich, puts you and your unique needs first. We will match your cosmetic expectations and make sure you understand your skin condition and the treatments we recommend. Unlike many boutique spas, our practice is managed by a physician who understands the irreplaceable value of conducting a complete medical history and doing a physical examination before beginning any skin treatment. Call us today for a no-cost consultation.

A physical examination of the area to be treated will be conducted next by a board certified doctor. Crucial for making sure a proper diagnosis is made, an exam also helps the medical staff to understand the cosmetic condition. With the diagnosis in hand, the treatment team will make a recommendation. During this consultation, you are encouraged to ask any questions you may have and express your concerns.

When it is time to begin your treatment, a cool moisturizer, glycerin, will be applied to your skin. Next, your provider will use a three-pronged device on the area of skin being treated. This device will emit the radiofrequency energy that travels to the inner skin layer, or dermis, and starts the collagen-stimulating process. Depending on the size of the skin area to be treated, the process can take anywhere from twenty to thirty minutes.

The procedure is not painful. You may feel warmth, but pain is not a common complaint or issue. Some patients describe the sensation as a warm massage.Your provider will always provide you with after-care instructions and make a follow-up appointment or subsequent treatment. After the treatment, it is highly recommended that you wear sunscreen and avoid all unnecessary sun exposure.

Are There Any Risks or Side Effects?

The Tripollar Apollo is very safe. Your skin may feel warm and look pink for a few hours following the treatment. Side effects are extremely rare, but can include infection, bruise formation, redness, swelling and scar formation. If you experience any of those symptoms, we recommend calling the clinic as soon as possible.

What Benefits Are There?

The Tripollar Apollo is a very safe and fast way to reduce problem areas (loose skin, fat pockets, cellulite) on your body. It is noninvasive and requires little to no downtime. You can easily return to your daily routine after your appointment. As the collagen-formation occurs over the next few weeks, you should see improvements in the treated areas, which include tighter and firmer skin. An overall improvement in body contour is expected.

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