Skin Tightening, Body Contouring, and Other Treatments

Rejuve Clinic offers a range of treatments for skin tightening, body contouring and more. Read below or call our Upper East Side clinic today to find out more.


Using measured and calibrated sub-zero temperatoures, cool scupting freezes and permanently destroys subcutaneous fat cells.

Cool Sculpting is safe as the temperatures involved are calibrated and chosen for their perfect standard. The skin area being treated is gently placed between the device’s cooling plates and held in place by vacuum.

The temperature — below body temperatur, but above freezing — kills the fat cells and releases fatty acids into the bloodstream. Nerves, blood vessels, and other cells are not affected by the device and will not be harmed. The fat cells are the only cells affected by the cold.


Skin Tightening, Body Contouring, and Other Treatments

Thermage builds collagen production by utilizing the energy from radiofrequency. The result is a younger, smoother and tighter-looking appearance. Thermage is similar to laser skin-tightening procedures but replaces the laser with radiofrequency waves to achieve the desired effect.

The application of heat pulses affects the dermis, inner skin layer, which contains blood vessels that nourish the outer layer. Collagen production is stimulated, and the result is the body’s natural healing response is triggered, resulting in smoother skin and fewer wrinkles.

Think of thermage as a nonsurgical “facelift” which can be used anywhere on the body, but works best on the face.


Rejuve Clinic uses the Tripoplar Apollo Device, which focuses on the loose skin in need of tightening. A safe, noninvasive and FDA-approved device, Tripollar Apollo significantly improves problem areas and improves the body’s contour.

Using radio-frequency technology, the Tripollar Apollo device heats the inner layer, dermis, and stimulates natural healing processes. The heat is applied deliberately to target small skin areas, and Fibroblasts merge on the treated area resulting in firmer skin. The epidermis, the skin’s outer layer, is not affected, and the treatment is not resurfacing.


VoluDerm utilizes very fine “micro-pins” to deliver radio-frequency energy to specific areas of the inner skin — or dermis. VoluDerm works by creating columns of thermal micro-ablation — a form of fractional healing that triggers the body’s natural healing response.

Collagen-producing cells are called to the treatment area that adds to the skin’s volume. Increased collagen gives the skin a tighter and firmer look without being a skin-resurfacing event. The skin’s outer layer remains unharmed and intact. Since the epidermis is untouched, recovery time is at a minimum.

PRP & SkinPen Microneedling

Skin Tightening, Body Contouring, and Other Treatments

Microneedling utilizes very fine needles to make puncture wounds in the skin. The “wounds” are placed specifically and reach into the dermis, or the skin’s inner layer. This treatment doesn’t damage the surrounding skin and triggers the body’s natural healing response.

While you can receive a Skin Pen Micro Needling treatment by itself, the best cosmetic results can be seen by combining it with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma). The trendy name for the procedure is the “Vampire facial”. PRP treatments have been used for wound and surgical healing for some time; long before being used as a skin rejuvenation procedure.  Platelets are a type of blood cell that help the body’s clotting response. Without platelets, blood clots won’t form.  The growth factors attract stem cells to the area and stimulate cell division, limit inflammation to a localized area and stimulate new blood vessel formation and skin formation.

The growth factors attract stem cells and stimulate cell division as well as limit inflammation and attract specific inflammatory cells.


Ulttherapy treatment has been used in the medical profession as a diagnostic tool for years. Doctors have found Ulttherapy safe and effective for a variety of conditions and has been used in over 500,000 skin procedures globally.

The best results have been seen when Ulttherapy is used on the chest, chin, neck, and eyebrow area. The procedure works by delivering ultrasonic energy to the inner skin in a calibrated and controlled manner. Since the procedure does not disrupt the epidermis or outer layer, the therapy is not a resurfacing procedure.

With the ultrasonic energy delivered to specific dermal areas, the body’s healing process is stimulated. Cells called Fibroblasts travel to the treatment area and produce collagen, the main structural protein that maintains a healthy, younger looking skin.

Light Based Acne Treatments

PDT utilizes both chemistry and light therapy to target precancerous lesions, also known as actinic keratosis. PDT also works on stubborn acne scars and sun damage as it reduces the visible signs of aging. The FDA approved PDT for actinic keratosis, the rough, dry and scaly patches caused by overexposure to the sun. As with any skin treatment, before starting to make sure Actinic Keratosis has been diagnosed by a licensed physician.

PDT treatment is a two-stage procedure. First, a photosensitizing agent is applied to the skin and next light is shone on the patch of skin to be treated. Although typically very useful, PDT is a very precise treatment and only damages the targeted skin, leaving the surrounding healthy skin alone.


A prescription medicine, Latisse is approved for treating hypotrichosis — a condition in which a person has very few — or non-existent — eyelashes. Also called Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution, it is unclear exactly how Latisse works. Latisse had its origins in a drug used to treat glaucoma, and one of the side effects was thicker, darker and more luxurious lashes.

Latisse should only be applied to the base of the upper eyelashes for best results. Effects will not be detected right away, and it may take up to four months to start experiencing fuller lashes. Latisse is applied topically each night and once discontinued, lashes will gradually return to the natural state.


Using four technologies, combined into one, Velashape treats the nasty, rippling effect of fat. Velashape uses radio frequencies, infrared light, tissue mobilization and suction to combat cellulite. Approved by the Food and Drug Administration, FDA, the treatment is noninvasive for reducing cellulite and reducing dimple-causing fat.

The device used applies heat to specific fat cells. None of the surrounding tissue is harmed as the heat frees fatty acids from fat tissue. The Velashape triggers the body’s natural healing response and increases the presence of fibroblasts — collagen-producing cells. The result is a smoother, healthier and firmer looking skin.

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