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Many of the patients who visit Rejuve NYC are seeking ways to enhance or improve the appearance of their chins. These same patients often do not want to go through the costly and time-consuming process of surgery. Luckily, Rejuve Clinic offers a very effective and minimally invasive procedure for improving the appearance of the chin. You can get it done on your lunch break or after work while immediately returning to your regular activities. It’s that easy!

Nonsurgical Chin EnhancementA nonsurgical chin enhancement is an excellent choice for individuals who want to improve the size, shape or profile of his or her chin without having to get surgery. If you want to enhance a weak and droopy chin or create a stronger and healthier-looking jaw line, a nonsurgical chin enhancement may be the perfect solution. If you are often frustrated because you think your chin is irregular or sticks out, you may be an excellent candidate for the nonsurgical chin enhancement. Often, improving the contour and profile of one’s chin can significantly improve the overall look of one’s face.

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What is a nonsurgical chin enhancement?

A nonsurgical chin enhancement is a noninvasive, safe and effective way to correct irregular, injured, misshaped, droopy or cosmetically unappealing chins. It is a great option for individuals looking for a more dramatic jawline or an easy, temporary way to bring more balance to the face. The procedure involves FDA-approved soft tissue fillers to help cover up problem areas and reshape the chin to meet your cosmetic desires. A board-certified physician will recommend the best youthful injection to use in order to create the most satisfying outcome.

Nonsurgical Chin Enhancement NYCHyaluronic Acid fillers may be used to smooth out and reshape the chin and to give your face a more chiseled and rejuvenated look. The beauty of Hyaluronic Acid fillers is that if you are unsatisfied with the results, the process can be entirely undone with the addition of an enzymatic solution. For example, Juvederm is a soft tissue filler made of Hyaluronic Acid (HA). Juvederm’s chin-enhancing effects will be noticed immediately. If you do not like the way it looks, an enzymatic solution (Hyaluronidase) can be injected at any time and dissolve the Juvederm. Juvederm injections tend to last one year, at which point they will need to be repeated.

Radiesse is a dermal filler made of Calcium Hyadroxlapatite (CaHA) microspheres that are suspended in an aqueous gel. A board certified physician will gently inject the filler into the chin, and immediately you will see improvements. You will also see a diminishing effect of fine lines and wrinkles. While Radiesse creates an immediate improvement in shape and appearance, it continues to improve the appearance of the skin by naturally stimulating the production of collagen. Collagen is a key structural protein in the dermal, or inner layer, of the skin. It decreases in amount as we age, but many modern-day cosmetic treatments naturally boost its production, allowing us to have a second chance at healthier and younger-looking skin.

Radiesse will naturally be absorbed by your body. It is a temporary correction, and, on average, you will need a repeat dermal filler injection a year from the first one. It also does not slip from where it is positioned in the skin, especially if done by a skilled medical professional.

What you can Expect:

At Rejuve Clinic, we begin each treatment with a consultation where we get to know you and learn your desires and expectations. Our trained staff will also collect a complete medical history, ensuring you receive the best treatment option available. You will be asked about any medical issues, previous skin treatments, medications, vitamins, and allergies. A board certified doctor will complete a close, physical exam of the skin area to be treated to confirm the diagnosis. When the diagnosis is made and confirmed, our highly-trained medical team will suggest a variety of treatments. Then is the time to ask any questions and share your concerns. Our primary goal is to make sure you enjoy a satisfying outcome and that you are comfortable with your choice of treatment and feel fully informed.

When your treatment begins, Lidocaine, a numbing cream, is applied to the area to be treated. A wait of 30 minutes will be needed to allow the Lidocaine to begin working; you will feel no pain, just maybe a little pressure. Then, a licensed medical professional will treat the chosen skin area, a process that takes from 15 to 30 minutes.

Following the procedure, there may be small swelling or bruising at the site, but it won’t interfere with the test of your day, and you can return to your regularly scheduled activities.

What are the Risks?

As with any shot, there is a chance of contamination at the site of entry. Bruising, swelling, and bleeding are also potential side effects, but most of the time, the procedure is without complications. If you experience these, call our clinic immediately. The most common side effects include tenderness at the site of injection along with itching, redness and raised bumps.

What are the Benefits?

A nonsurgical chin enhancement is temporary and effective — not to mention fast. With very little downtime, your daily schedule will not be interrupted as it would be with traditional chin surgery. If you are miserable with the results, the method can even be reversed, making it a great noninvasive approach to improving the chin’s shape as well as overall appearance.  Looking younger and more feeling better is just a simple treatment away. Call our Upper East Side clinic now to learn more.

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