SmartLipo: State-of-the-art Liposuction in New York City

What is a Laser Liposuction?

SmartLipo has become extremely popular over the last year. It is a minimally invasive technique for reducing unsightly and stubborn fat from the neck, arms, legs, back and more. Sometimes, no matter how hard we exercise or eat right, fat on our bodies doesn’t go away. It bulges, sags, ripples and makes us very self-conscience.

The SmartLipo procedure offers an affordable and effective way to minimize body fat, without the surgery and long recover time associated with traditional liposuction. If your desire is to remove stubborn fat in problem areas that just won’t go away, call our clinic today!

How does SmartLipo Work?

SmartLIPOSmartLipo is much easier and less invasive than traditional liposuction, which involves surgery, general anesthesia and a long recovery time. It is an FDA-approved method of laser-assisted liposuction. SmartLipo uses a highly advanced laser to heat fat cells, turn them into liquid and then suctions out the liquid with a tube. Instead of requiring a general anesthetic that makes you sleep, a local anesthetic is directly applied to the body area being treated. This will numb the area and significantly minimize feelings of pain while you are still awake.

What to Expect:

If you come to Rejuve Clinic for SmartLipo, we will always begin with a consultation. During this consultation, we will ask you about your cosmetic expectations and desires. We will also ask you about your medical history, any medications or vitamins you are taking, allergies and any prior skin treatments. A board-certified physician will then analyze the skin area to be treated. During this time, it is important that you ask any questions you may have. Our goal is always a satisfying cosmetic outcome, and also to make sure you are one hundred percent informed and comfortable with your treatment decision.

SmartLIPO NYCTraditional liposuction involves the use of a large cannula to suction out large pieces of fat that are broken up by blunt force. Traditional liposuction can result in substantial bruising and a longer recovery period as the body heals from the disruption. SmartLipo™ differs from traditional liposuction in that it uses tumescent fluid to numb the areas to be treated then uses a calibrated laser to liquefy fat deposits. The resulting liquid fat is then suctioned out through a small incision in the top layers of the skin. The laser also seals blood vessels during the process, which causes less swelling, bleeding, and bruising than traditional liposuction. SmartLipo™ can be particularly effective to touch up areas previously treated by traditional liposuction. This procedure may also enhance skin tightening.

First, your surgeon will mark the areas to be treated. Next, he/she will inject a tumescent fluid containing a local anesthetic. The tumescent fluid numbs the area, helps to control bleeding, and makes suctioning a little easier. Intravenous fluid replacement is not necessary in this procedure.

After injecting the tumescent fluid, your surgeon inserts the laser fiber into a very small tube, just 1.0 to 2.0 mm in diameter, called a cannula. He/she then places the cannula under the skin through a small incision just large enough for the cannula to fit. Your surgeon moves the laser back and forth across the treatment area while firing the laser. The laser melts fat cells resulting in liquid that is easily suctioned out thorugh the cannula along with the excess tumescent fluid. The laser also seals the blood vessels causing them to coagulate right away. This results in less bleeding, swelling, and bruising. The laser may also affect the collagen in the skin causing it to tighten and shrink. It may take several weeks to months for the skin tightening to become apparent.

SmartLipo™ can be used on any location that traditional liposuction is used. SmartLipo™ can also be performed on areas that are difficult to treat with traditional liposuction because the SmartLipo™ cannula is quite small. Areas such as the neck, knees, arms, stomach, love handles, legs, thighs, the area above and lateral to the breasts which bulge above the bra and other trouble areas can now be safely and easily treated.

For most patients, only one treatment is usually required. The total length of your session will vary depending on the number of areas you have treated and the size of each area. A SmartLipo sesion can take between 1- 3 hours. SmartLipo™ procedures are generally safe with minimal side effects.

You will heal from SmartLipo™ in a number of steps. The first step involves numbness that may occur right after the SmartLipo™procedure. This should disappear within days, if not hours, of leaving the recovery room. 1 to 2 days rest is recommended, but most patients are able to return to work 1-2 days later and often the next day. The swelling generally goes away in no more than one week. At this time, you will be able to carry on normal activities. Most patients’ skin is completely back to normal within three months of the SmartLipo™ procedure.

Your doctor will instruct you on how to take care of yourself following the procedure. You need to follow your doctor’s recovery instructions. Your doctor may also prescribe minor pain medication. You will receive compression bandages. They help to reduce swelling.

It is important to remember that for few days after the procedure, you should not take any blood thinners such as Aspirin, nor should you smoke.

After your SmartLipo™ procedure, your doctor will schedule recovery follow-up visits. During these checkups, he will examine you to make sure the areas are healing well. It is important that you keep your appointments as you recover because these checkups will ensure that you heal without scarring and/or infection.

If you are in good health, within 25 pounds of your ideal weight, exercise regularly, and want to get rid of fat that will not respond to diet and exercise, SmartLipo™ may be a good choice for you. However, if you suffer from, liver problems, blood disorders, kidney problems, heart problems, or skin disorders, this surgery may not be recommended.

As with any surgical procedure, there are risks associated with laser liposuction. Rare infection and/or hematoma, a collection of blood underneath the skin, can happen following this procedure. Some patients experience minor swelling and bruising. The possibility of burns exists due to the laser’s heat. Asymmetrical or lopsided results and minor scarring can be long-term risks involved with SmartLipo™, or any liposuction or surgical procedure.

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