Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal Treatment in the Heart of New York

Where Can I Get My Unwanted Hair Removed Permanently?

Many of our patients come to Rejuve NYC due to unwanted hair on various body locations. They are tired of shaving, waxing, ugly razor bumps, and the routine maintenance that body hair requires. Buying effective and safe razors and the entire shaving or waxing process can be both expensive, messy and timely.

If you no longer want to deal with the hassle of shaving, Rejuve Clinic offers safe and effective laser hair removal. Unlike many medical spas, Rejuve NYC was founded by a New York board-certified physician, Dr. Marina Gafanovich, who performs and supervises all treatments. Laser hair removal is not without its risks, which is why it is so important to go to a clinic that is run by a certified medical professional.

If you want to forget about shaving forever and desire a permanent reduction in body hair, call us today. Our patients are very satisfied with the results of laser hair removal and really enjoy their new smooth, soft, and hairless skin.

Conditions Affected by Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a procedure for removing unwanted hair on parts of the body, most commonly, the legs, back, bikini lines and under-arms. Sometimes more delicate areas, such as the chin or lip line, can also be treated. Laser hair removal is a very effective treatment for razor bumps and ingrown hairs. We do not recommend laser therapy around the eye area, since eyes are very delicate can be easily damaged. Laser hair removal is most effective for people with light skin and dark hair, although it can be used on all skin types. Individuals with darker skin tones or lighter hair (blonde or red) may see fewer improvements.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser Hair RemovalLaser hair removal is a medical procedure that uses intense pulsed heat and light to remove undesirable hair on various locations of the skin. The laser device at Rejuve NYC clinic delivers a beam of light directly on the hair follicle. The heat and light beam targets melanin, or the pigment that gives hair its color, because melanin is an excellent absorber of light. Once this occurs, the hair follicle will be destroyed or damaged by the heat, which prevents or drastically slows down future hair growth. This process is called Selective Photothermolysis.

Usually laser hair removal requires multiple treatments, and it is important that these treatments are scheduled far enough apart, because if not, the skin can become very irritated. Laser hair removal does not permanently remove unwanted hair forever, but is instead considered a very effective technique for hair reduction. After your initial treatment and follow-up treatments in our New York City facility, you will definitely notice a significant reduction of body hair on the treated areas. However, sometimes hair will start to grow back, and sometimes gray hair will grow back in treated areas. These are all normal processes and should not alarm you.

Laser hair removal is usually minimally uncomfortable, but also depends on the sensitivity of the skin area being treated. For example, the bikini line can be a very sensitive area for some and the legs may be less sensitive. If pain is a concern for you, you can take an over-the-counter analgesic medication approximately thirty minutes prior to your appointment or request a topical numbing cream prior to your treatment.

Laser Hair Removal NYCSide effects from laser hair removal are rare, but also depend on the skill of the technician. We highly recommend that you visit a New York skin center run by a certified medical doctor, as many medical spas have unqualified or undertrained staff giving treatments. Possible side effects are skin irritation, including temporary discomfort, redness or even swelling following your treatment. Like all laser treatments, you may see a temporary darkening (pigmentation) of a treated skin area, but this is only temporary and will resolve on its own. Rare side effects include blistering, crusting, scarring, changes in skin texture or even the excessive growth of hair.

What Should You Expect at Your Hair Reduction Appointment in NYC?

Our dedicated medical staff at Rejuve NYC, conveniently located on New York’s Upper East Side, will first have a discussion with you about your cosmetic desires and expectations for hair removal. During this time, we will explain the entire hair removal procedure. If you have any questions, be sure to ask them during this time. Our number one goal is to make sure you are one hundred percent comfortable and informed about the treatment. Your designated skincare expert will also ask you about your medical history, any medications you have or may be taking and also your history of sun exposure. Recent sun exposure can affect the results of laser therapy, so it is best to avoid the sun for several weeks prior to your treatment. Since laser therapy targets hair follicles, we also recommend avoiding plucking, waxing and electrolysis prior to treatment. Shaving is not a risk factor since that does not affect hair follicles. Once all of your questions are answered and the doctor approves you as a good candidate for laser hair removal, the procedure will begin.

First, you will be given a pair of protective eyeglasses to wear. It is important to keep these on for the duration of the procedure so as to protect your eyes at all times. A skilled medical technician will then apply the laser device to the designated skin area. The sensation may feel like a rubber band snapping against your skin and could be uncomfortable on certain areas of the skin that are highly sensitive. Usually, the laser device will simultaneously emit a stream of cool air to minimize discomfort.

The procedure can take anywhere between 10 minutes to 90 and really depends on the area of skin being treated. At the end of your treatment, you may apply a cooling, healing gel, such as aloe gel, to help with feelings of discomfort and inflammation. It is highly recommended that you avoid sun exposure, as it can aggravate the treated area. Once you get home, you may apply icepacks to the treated area. Over five to seven days, you may witness hair falling out of the treated area. That is completely normal and not a cause for alarm.

What About Recovery Time?

Fortunately, there is no tangible downtime period connected to getting laser hair removal treatment. Yes, you may potentially experience any of a small number of side effects, but those things can typically be remedied naturally, often without the need for medication, after a few days. More likely than not, though, you’ll be able to get back to your normal everyday activities right after the procedure




While more effective than other hair removal procedures such as waxing or shaving or plucking, laser hair removal treatment is the most expensive option if you want to get rid of nuisance hair. The cost will depend on the area of the body and the size of the area that needs to be treated. Also remember that, for best results, you’ll likely need to go in for multiple treatments, which will obviously increase the overall costs

Laser hair removal treatments will provide you with a safe, more convenient and less painful option – compared to waxing, plucking and shaving – when you want to get rid of unwanted hair. As with all cosmetic surgery options, be sure to get a board-certified professional who has expertise performing laser hair removal procedures. Take advantage of the consultation stage to ask questions, and don’t be satisfied with vague answers. That way, you’ll increase the odds of successfully getting rid of the hair you don’t want for the long term. While laser hair removal is more expensive than are other types of hair removal strategies, it offers superior, long-lasting results that you will more likely than not be satisfied with.

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