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ActiveFX in New York

Description of ActiveFX Procedure

ActiveFX is a Laser skin resurfacing treatment that is used to eliminate or to tangibly reduce signs of aging. The procedure involves using a fractional laser to take off the skin’s top layer. The end result of the procedure is essentially a fresh layer of skin that reduces the prominence of age spots, acne blemishes, wrinkles, liver spots and discoloration.

Dr. Marina Gafanovich – one of the leading NYC cosmetic doctors – performs ActiveFX, a fractional carbon dioxide laser procedure, on an outpatient basis that results in minimal downtime for patients. Possibly offering patients an oral medication to make the procedure more comfortable, those performing the surgery put a topical numbing agent on the area that will receive the laser treatment. Approximately 30 minutes after applying the numbing cream, the surgeon directs the ActiveFX laser beam to the skin surface, which fixes discolorations, eliminates cosmetic imperfections and fills creases in. Moreover, the skin subject to the laser beam ultimately tightens since the treatment encourages collagen production.

 Active FX NYC 1Since the Laser treatment is only applied to a specific section of the skin at a time, the part of the skin subject to the laser beam heals quicker and there are generally fewer complications than if a wider area of the body were treated at the same time. Within a few days, the damaged skin makes way for the new, healthier-looking skin layer. The procedure takes about half an hour, which means that the laser treatment not only can be done quickly, but also can result in very little downtime. While some people who get the treatment see results right away, other patients don’t see results until several months after the procedure.


 Active FX NYCAs a result of the optional oral medication and numbing cream, patients who undergo the ActiveFX laser treatment tend to report slight discomfort post-surgery, which means that the downtime between when the surgery is done and when they can go about their normal, everyday routines is minimal. While the skin of patients who get the procedure feels a bit dry and appears pink initially, their skin goes back to its normal color about a week after the procedure. The reason for this is that the damaged skin layer eventually flakes off and reveals a new, healthy layer. Our Surgeons who perform the procedure inform patients of how to go about their skin care regimen going forward.


The cost for the ActiveFX procedure depends on factors such as the size of the treatment area and the extent of the damage to the treatment area. For patients who want to get the laser treatment on their face, they can end up paying anywhere from $1,200 to $3,000. However, the amount climbs if patients want to have the treatment on their chest and neck.

Potential Risks

ActiveFX is a popular procedure, but there are some potential risks to consider before electing to undergo the laser treatment. For instance, there is the possibility of redness and swelling post-surgery; skin peeling is a possibility for a few days post-procedure; the healing process can be hindered if patients use aspirin or alcohol after the treatment; and the risk of sun damage is such that people who have the procedure should avoid direct sunlight for a few weeks post-treatment.

People considering the ActiveFX laser treatment should consult with Dermatology Surgeons who have experience doing the procedure to ascertain whether they are ideal candidates. The risks, while relatively rare, are nonetheless possible and, therefore, need to be taken seriously. So people need to be mindful about possible risks as they decide whether or not ActiveFX is the right skin treatment for them.

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