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Laser Procedures and Treatments Performed at Manhattan’s Location of Rejuve NYC

Cosmetic procedures include several laser therapies that primarily use focused light to treat small areas without damaging surrounding tissue. As compared to traditional surgery, laser treatments offer significant benefits as they are less painful and cause minimal swelling and scarring.

Laser therapy can be used for cosmetic treatments to remove warts, birthmarks, moles and sunspots. They are also effective for hair removal as well as reducing the signs of wrinkles, blemishes and scars. In addition, laser therapy is also effective for removing tattoos. Some of the most common cosmetic laser treatments include:

Laser Hair Removal -This option is chosen by people who are tired of waxing and shaving. The procedure involves using laser beams and focusing them to target hair follicles to eradicate undesired hair.

Laser Treatments NYCLaser Tattoo Removal – This uses a light beam of high intensity to focus on the pigment colors of the skin.

Laser facelift – This process involves using laser devices to perform non-invasive procedures for correcting skin issues including fine wrinkles, age spots and scars.

Active FX – Uses fractional carbon dioxide lasers to rid the face of visible signs of aging.

Photo Dynamic Therapy -Uses a drug that gets rid of certain types of skin cancer.

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Laser Skin Tightening – Uses lasers to direct heat at the deep, dermis tissue which results in the skin-tightening effect.

Laser 360 – Is a treatment using specialized lasers to give patients healthier, younger looking skin.

Skin Tightening — Is a way to visibly reduce the amount of loose skin.

Body Contouring -It is an option for people who have lost a lot of weight and have to deal with loose skin as a result of that weight loss.

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