VBEAM Laser Treatment at Rejuve NYC

How does VBeam work?

The VBeam is a pulsed dye laser and often nicknamed the “vascular laser,” because its main purpose is to treat spider-like broken capillaries (dilated blood vessels), and rosacea (redness and tiny, pus-filled bumps on the face.) As we age, the fragility of our blood vessels located in the dermis, or inner skin layer, increases.

This increased capillary fragility, along with aging, thinning skin and long-term sun exposure, heightens the risk of broken blood vessels showing up on our skin. Broken capillaries are notoriously found on the nose and cheek areas and very difficult to conceal with makeup. Luckily, the VBeam laser can make significant improvements.

VbeamWhen applied to the skin, light energy from the VBeam laser targets hemoglobin (the protein in red blood cells), which eventually causes Broken capillaries to shrink and disappear. Specifically, the VBeam targets broken capillaries or vascular skin lesions by a process called photocoagulation. The heat energy from the laser causes the problem blood vessels to clot and shrink, thus diminishing their appearance on your skin.

Conditions it Treats:

Broken Capillaries (dilated capillaries especially in nose, cheek, chin area), Rosacea (Redness and tiny, pus-filled bumps on face); Angiomas (small clumps of red blood vessels), Port Wine Stains (a type of birthmark), some warts, scars, bruises, and sun-damaged areas on face, neck and chest. Pregnant or nursing women should not be treated with the VBeam. Individuals who have taken Accutane in the last 6 months should not be treated with VBeam. Also, if you have a history of cold sores or Herpes, definitely let our New York skin care professionals know. The Herpes virus can be aggravated following a VBeam treatment, and sometimes it is best to treat with antivirals prophylactically.

What to Expect:

Before the VBeam treatment, a designated Licensed Skin Care Specialist will discuss with you your skin care needs and desires. We will also take a medical history, ask about any medications you may be on, inquire about your daily lifestyle and do a thorough exam of your skin condition.  This is the best time to ask any questions as well as expressing your concerns. Our primary goal is to make sure you are completely comfortable with the procedure.

Vbeam NYCThe VBeam procedure is not painful. One of our highly trained skin specialists will use the VBEAM, a dye laser, to apply quick pulses, or bursts of light energy, to the designated skin area. The laser beams will generate different colors that target hemoglobin in dilated “broken” vessels. Most people describe the sensation as alternating cold and hot snaps to the skin. Some people do not feel anything at all. You may feel a sense of warmth on your skin. To help with any minor discomfort, a stream of cold air is simultaneously applied to the skin.

While the VBeam is traditionally very effective for broken capillaries, Port Wine Stains can be more difficult. Pulsed dye laser therapy is the standard treatment for Port Wine Stains, or birthmarks that are vascular malformations, but often complete remittance of the birthmark occurs in less than 10% of cases.

The VBeam treatment is extremely safe and efficient. Unlike many trendy, skin care spas, the team at RejuvClinic is run by a board certified physician and all are extremely well trained on every procedure and treatment.

After your VBeam treatment, bruising can occur, especially if a larger capillary is targeted. Rare complications include infection and blistering, and if you see symptoms of either, definitely call our clinic. It is advised that you reduce sun exposure and wear sunscreen, as the sun can aggravate healing and interfere with positive results. Frequent sun exposure can also cause the reappearance of broken capillaries. Take-Home instructions will be given at the end of the procedures, and all of your questions will be answered by your designated skin expert. If you have any issues following your treatment, always give our office a call.


This procedure is very safe with beautiful, compelling results and minimal recovery time. Almost all of our patients treated with VBeam are thoroughly satisfied with its results. The recovery time is minimal, and you can easily go back to your scheduled daily events or regular routine. Some initial improvements and reduced redness can be seen after one treatment. Sometimes one treatment clears up the entire skin issue. Usually after 3-5 treatments you will see significantly better and more dramatic results, including diminished broken capillaries, more even pigmentation and reduced redness. Port Wine Stains, or birth marks, may require more than 5 treatments to diminish and can be difficult to treat, and since Rosacea is a chronic issue, we recommend a few maintenance treatments per year.Following the VBeam treatment, your skin will be noticeably smoother, more even-toned and youthful in appearance.

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