Fraxel Dual

Fraxel Dual Photo Rejuvenation in New York

What is Fraxel Dual Laser?

Fraxel Dual is one of the safest, most consistent laser resurfacing technologies. During the Fraxel Dual treatment, heat is delivered to the dermis, the vascular and collagen-rich inner skin layer, through thousands of microscopic skin columns called microdermal treatment zones. This precisely delivered thermal energy does not damage the surrounding healthy skin.

Fraxel Dual therapy works by targeting damaged skin areas and promoting the body’s natural healing process. Part of this natural healing process is the production of collagen, a key fibrous structural protein that makes the skin appear younger, tighter and plumper.

It takes between 20-25 minutes to treat the entire face. The number of treatment sessions required for the desired effect depends on the nature of your skin condition.

Conditions It Treats:

Sun-damaged skin, Fine lines, Wrinkles, Age spots, Sun spots, Liver spots, Uneven pigmentation, Scars, Acne, and sometimes Melasma. This treatment is best for individuals looking for improvement in skin tone, texture and color. Fraxel Dual is safe and effective for all skin colors.

What to Expect:


Before the Fraxel procedure, a designated Licensed Skin Care Specialist will discuss with you your skin care needs and desires. We will also take a medical history, ask about any medications you may be on, inquire about your daily lifestyle and do a thorough exam of your skin condition.  This is the best time to ask any questions as well as expressing your concerns. Our primary goal is to make sure you are completely comfortable with the procedure.

You may experience redness and swelling following the treatment, but most people can immediately return to their normal daily routine. The feelings of discomfort are usually minimal, but we can provide you with a mild sedative or analgesic to help with the pain. You can also use icepacks at home. Most can wear makeup or shave the same day. Following the treatment, you will have a heightened sensitivity to the sun, and we advise that you wear sunscreen for at least 6 months. Rare side effects include blistering, scabbing, hypo or hyper-pigmentation, and infection.


The dual wavelength nature of this laser allows us to simultaneously target scars, deep wrinkles, and superficial sun damage. In just 2 treatments, significant improvements are seen, as your skin will look and feel smoother and healthier. You will definitely notice a more radiant glow. Minimal recovery time is needed for this treatment, which makes it one of our most popular options.

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