Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser Skin Tightening (Resurfacing) in Our NYC Office

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing is a term used to describe the use of a laser to rejuvenate the skin. Over the last decade, cosmetic treatment has made a lot of advances when it comes to the treatment of a variety of skin imperfections. As we go through life, many of us develop acne scars, photo-aged skin, skin pigmentations, fine lines , wrinkles, age spots and sun spots – just to name a few. With laser resurfacing, these skin imperfections can be removed and one can regain the youthful skin.  Depending on the type of skin condition, a different type of laser may be used. Some lasers work well on superficial skin lesions and others work well for deeper skin lesions

Laser skin resurfacing is typically done with advanced laser techniques. Most people under the age of 60 are candidates for the procedure. There are a variety of different laser skin treatments developed today which can resurface the skin. These include:

Laser Skin Resurfacing NYC

During each treatment, the laser will treat about 20% of the skin surface. Because of this, most people require 3-5 treatment sessions to obtain optimal results. When there is severe scarring (either from acne or trauma), more sessions may be required.

The laser is a small hand held device and held close to the skin. When activated, it sends beams of light energy into the deeper layers of skin. The heat generated induces remodeling of collagen, stimulation of collagen synthesis and coiling of the surrounding tissues -the eventual result is a firm, smooth and youthful looking skin.

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Laser skin resurfacing procedures are performed as an outpatient. There are no extensive preparations required prior to the procedure. Individuals who take blood-thinning medications or have an active infection of the skin are not candidates for the procedure. The facial area is washed and dried. Because the laser does sting for a few seconds, the therapist, a topical local anesthetic is applied 20 minutes prior the procedure. The latest lasers even have a cooling tip which prevents the pain during the procedure.

The entire procedure can take anywhere from 20-45 minutes. After the procedure, some individuals may develop mild swelling, redness and skin peeling. The first few nights, all individuals should sleep with the head elevated to reduce the swelling. The pain is mild to moderate and can be controlled with pain medications. These side effects last for about 4-7 days. Mascara or facial make up can be used to hide these side effects during the healing process.

One is encouraged to keep out of the sun and apply a moisturizer to the peeling area. When going out, it is vital to wear a sunscreen to prevent pigmentation of the treated skin.

Once the peeled skin is removed, the new skin that grows appears fresh and smooth. The final cosmetic benefits of laser skin resurfacing take about 4-6 weeks and continue to improve for another few months. Treatment results are optimal dependent on the skill and quality of the cosmetologist.

If you are considering laser skin tightening, please call RejuveNYC today and our staff will be happy to assist you with any queries or concerns.