Microbotox is a relatively new cosmetic surgery procedure that shrinks the pores and smoothens out the skin to leave patients looking fresh and rejuvenated. While not as well known asBotox, Microbotox is effective, safe and growing in popularity. Microbotox, which is basically the equivalent of diluted Botox, is administered by small-dose injections to the face.


Microbotox is an injection technique that was pioneered by Dr. Woffles Wu, a plastic surgeon based in Singapore. The treatment uses botulinum toxin to achieve the intended results.Microbotox treatment relaxes superficial muscle fibers, which leads to a natural-looking outcome.

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How it’s Done

Microbotox, also called intradermal Botox, focuses on the skin’s oil glands, sweat glands and erector pili muscles, which are tasked with opening up the pores. Microbotox momentarily weakens these glands and muscles so that the skin becomes much tighter, more refined and noticeably smoother.

Microbotox is injected into the skin’s superficial layers as well as in wrinkle-less portions of the face like the chin, T-zone and cheeks. Microbotox has no impact upon the interaction between the muscles and the nerves in the way that Botox does. Rather, Microbotox closes up pores, which gives the skin a smoother and younger-looking.
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People can also get Microbotox to lessen the prominence of fine lines in the eye region. While Microbotox can be a stand-alone treatment, it can also be combined with other skin tightening options like threadlift, Thermage and Ulthera.

Treatment Candidates

Microbotox is an ideal treatment for people with large pores, acne and oily skin. While it is possible to get some relief from these conditions using foundation, skin primers and cosmetic products, these solutions are far from perfect and can bring about unwanted side effects. In regards to acne, Microbotox could potentially help since the treatment cuts back on oil production and inhibits inflammation. Some experts say that Microbotox should not be the first option for people with acne, but it may be considered in the event that other treatments don’t bring about the desired results

How Long it Takes

It can take around half an hour for a Microbotox treatment and the results last for approximately one-quarter of a year. Although Microbotox is a diluted form of Botox, it will nonetheless last just as long. It could take between five and seven days for patients to notice results from the injections. The pain level stemming from Microbotox injections is scant, and a topical numbing cream is available for those with low thresholds for pain or discomfort

Patients interested in Microbotox should always choose doctors that have the necessary skill and experience. Microbotox is a viable option if you want a quick way to make your skin look smoother and fresher. While not as popular as Botox, Microbotox is becoming more and more in demand as people realize the benefits that it provides.

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