Botox Safety

Is Botox Safe Enough for Cosmetic Treatments?

While any cosmetic surgery comes with some element of risk, Botox injections are safe if performed by a board-certified doctor with sufficient expertise and training. The side effects most commonly reported include bruising or swelling at the injection sites or headaches.

The reason that it’s particularly important to get Botox Injections from qualified New York healthcare professionals is that injections that are not properly placed can spread to nearby tissues and result in problems like excessive tearing, eyelid droop, dry eye, cockeyed eyebrows or crooked smile. Side effects also include inflammation, bleeding, dizziness, muscle spasms and muscle twitching.

Major Symptoms

While rare, there is a chance that the botulinum toxin, which is a Botox ingredient, could move to other regions of the body and trigger botulinum-type symptoms which may include muscle weakness, vision issues, breathing problems, incontinence and difficulty speaking or swallowing.

Less than Ideal Candidates

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While Botox injections are popular, people with certain pre-existing medical issues will want to pursue an alternative. For example, people with allergies to botulinum toxin or any of the other ingredients in Botox; those with an injection at the intended injection location; and those with health issues such as Eaton-Lambert syndrome, myasthenia gravis, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis should not get Botox treatment. During the consultation process, the doctor will ask a series of questions to determine whether or not people desiring Botox injections are good candidates.

What to Avoid

People who plan to get Botox injections should stop taking ibuprofen and aspirin a couple of weeks before getting Botox treatments. The reason this is important is that people taking these medications will increase their odds of coming down with bruising at the injection site. Specifically, ibuprofen and aspirin act as blood thinners and increase bleeding, which could lead to bruising. People who are planning to get Botox injections should also inform Dr. Gafanovich – the doctor who will perform the procedures – about any supplements they are using. Even natural supplements like vitamin E, fish oil pills, and gingko thin the blood, and should, therefore, be avoided for a couple of weeks before Botox injections.

In order to reduce, if not eliminate, the possibility of certain side effects, people who undergo Botox treatments should steer clear of sleeping horizontally for about four hours post-treatment. It’s also important that people don’t get facial massages for the following five days. During the pre-treatment consultation process, the medical professional will ensure that people understand what to do before and after the Botox injections.

New York Certification Matters

People who are planning to get Botox Injections should ensure that the procedure is performed by a NYC board-certified professional and in a proper medical setting so that any problems can be addressed quickly and in a satisfactory way. Choosing to get Botox injections from people with questionable expertise or in non-medical facilities such as, for instance, spa facilities can increase possible risks.

Botox safety is an important topic even though the procedure is relatively safe is performed by a medical professional. What this means is that people who want to get the procedure need to do their homework to find the right medical professional to do their Botox injections. People also need to be honest during the consultation stage and follow the instructions of the medical professional.


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