Botox Brow Lift

Getting Your Brows Lift with Botox in New York

A Botox brow lift is a cosmetic procedure that involves injecting Botox into a number of facial muscles in order to lift the brow line. The procedure, the effects of which typically last up to four months, creates a more open-eye appearance that many consider to be desirable. .

How is Botox Used to Lift Eyebrows?

A muscle relaxant, Botox weakens the muscles that are subject to the injections, and this weakening enables the brows to lift. Certain facial muscles pull the eyebrows and the muscles responsible for lifting the eyebrows downward. However, a certified New York Botox doctor can strategically inject Botox into the pull-down muscles in order to give eyebrows a lift. Typically, people who undergo the procedure can get a lift of as much as two millimeters, which is enough to provide an obvious improvement.

What Causes Dropping Eyebrows?

Botox Brow Lift NYCThe aging process and prolonged sun exposure over the years can often result in drooping eyebrows. These factors combine to compromise the collagen and elastic fibers in the forehead.

Who Are Ideal Candidates?

People who have mild brow droop are ideal candidates for Botox brow lift, which is also known as a chemical brow lift. The procedure is also recommended for the younger demographic that have favorable skin elasticity.

Lift your eyebrows with BotoxNYC Botox Injections

Botox brow lifts not only are cheaper than surgical brow lift procedures, but also are less disruptive in terms of recovery time and pose fewer risks. Botox brow lifts are also preferable to surgical brow lifts for people who lack enough excess skin to remove during a surgical procedure and for people who prefer a non-permanent option since they’re not sure they necessarily want something that’s long-lasting.

What are the Risks?

While Botox brow lifts can lift eyebrows, injecting the wrong area can lead to undesired consequences. Specifically, if the professional doing the procedure injects too close to the orbital rim, the Botox can find its way into the patient’s upper eyelid, which could lead to an eyelid droop. Fortunately, such an outcome would only be temporary.

For this reason, prefer licensed Manhattan cosmetic clinics to low-cost “over-the-counter” solutions.

Why Look Around?

The success of Botox brow lifts is highly dependent on the skill level of the dermatologist performing it. At Rejuve NYC, you can be confident that you have come to the right place. Our staff has an extensive grasp of brow anatomy and a wide array of expertise. We will make sure you get customized treatment and that the procedure targets muscles that are responsible for lowering the eyebrows so as to go properly about weakening those muscles as needed.

What are the Expectations?

A Botox brow life will lift eyebrows around two millimeters, and the results are likely to last for four months. Botox brow lifts are safe and effective for people who want to lift their eyebrows without going under the knife. The basically zero downtime post-treatment also means that people can get the procedure with no interruptions to their lives.

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