Poison Ivy rash treatment with home remedies to get rid of poison ivy rashes

itching and prevent scarring

How do you get rid of scars from scratching after a serious bout with poison ivy?

A majority of people who come into contact with poison ivy suffer from an allergic rash because of the urushiol oil that exists on the surface of the leaves of the plant. Contact with this urushiol oil leads to an immediate itching and poison ivy rashes that spread fast and is carried easily through the medium of clothes and shoes as well. Urushiol oil is actually an irritant that causes a rash, so it is not really dangerous and can not cause much harm. The only people who are at danger of developing something more serious like dermatitis due to contact with poison ivy are those whose immunity is already compromised due to some other factors.

It is advised to avoid burning the poison ivy plants since the urushiol oils now volatile can cause much more harm once diffused in the air and allowed direct contact with the skin and entry into the respiratory system. This can lead to extreme reactions, conjunctivitis and problems of the respiratory tract. The problem is worsened if the plant is burned in an empty plot from where the oil can spread faster in the air.

Usually the urushiol oil takes some time to penetrate the skin and thus symptoms such as inflammation of the skin start appearing 12 to 48 hours after contact with the poison ivy, followed by lesions which start erupting 7 to 10 days later. In rare cases people develop severe blisters and experience swelling of the eyes causing them to shut. In such a case corticosteroids are administered to reduce the effect of poison ivy. If affected by the poison ivy, you should take care to wash your hands frequently since the rash can spread through contaminated hands. You should also avoid scratching since that can lead to scarring. However, poison ivy rashes do not normally lead to scarring if the rash is treated with care and you do not scratch too much. Effective poison ivy rash treatment and home remedies to get rid of poison ivy rash include bathing in water with baking soda or Epsom salts added to reduce the itching and inflammation of skin. You also apply a home-made poultice with baking soda and oatmeal to the affected areas for immediate relief from the itching and prevent scarring. There are several reliable over-the-counter commercial creams available for poison ivy rash treatment and which work excellently to reduce the irritation and prevent scarring. In case there is some scarring after a poison ivy rash, you can get rid of the unsightly poison ivy rashes marks by regularly applying Vitamin E oil on the affected areas or even some honey and lemon which will gradually lighten the skin and fade away the scars.

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