Natural Treatments for Ingrown Hairs

Natural Treatments for Ingrown Hairs

So you are sick of the red bumps, itch and pain associated with ingrown hairs, but you want a simple, natural way to fight them? Here are some of my favorite at-home recipes for preventing and healing ingrown hairs. Not only are these home-grown mixtures often cheaper (and more effective) than commercial products, these recipes are great for the skin and soothing for the soul. Put aside some time to mix and apply these special blends, which are as much spa treatments as they are ingrown hair remedies.

Essential Oil Blends for Ingrown Hair

Essential oils, the concentrated liquids extracted from flowers, fruits, plants and herbs, have been used for thousands of years to heal the body and mind. There are a number of essential oils appropriate for treating both the symptoms and the causes of ingrown hairs; my personal favorites are lavender, chamomile german and tea tree essential oils, which you can find in many health food stores on on-line.
The combination of all three essential oils together is most effective, as each individual oil has properties that contribute to the whole. Lavender, in addition to smelling wonderful, helps speed the skin’s healing process. Chamomile german, a beautiful deep blue color, is an excellent anti-inflammatory agent, and tea tree is an extremely effective antiseptic.
One or two drops of these essential oils mixed in your favorite lotion can act as a quick daily treatment for ingrown hair (if you are applying the lotion to your face, avoid the nose and eye areas). For times when you want to relax, mix two drops of each essential oil in a base of sweet almond oil, apply it to you body, and run a bath. Not only will you be enveloped in a wonderful, soothing scent, the combination of the heat and essential oils will speed the absorption process of the oil. And, when you leave the bath, you will find your skin soft, supple and sweet-smelling, a definite advantage over many traditional ingrown hair therapies.

Natural Exfoliates

Exfoliates when used correctly are a great way to fight and treat ingrown hairs. The secret is not to apply them to already inflamed or infected skin, as they can further irritate the skin. Exfoliates work by sloughing away oil and dead skin cells, while loosening barbed ingrown hairs. They leave your skin soft and dewy looking, as the dead layer of skin is scrubbed off and the fresh layer of skin underneath is revealed.
Ground nuts, such as almonds or walnuts, or oatmeal work wonderfully well as exfoliate bases. Simply place the nuts or oatmeal in the food processor until they are the size of coarse sand or salt. Combine a tablespoon of the exfoliate base with a teaspoon of high-quality vegetable or nut oil, adding two or three drops of essential oils if you choose. Voila. The exfoliate is ready to be rubbed and rolled lightly over the skin.