Natural Remedies for Moisturizing Dry Skin

vitamin and mineral supplements

Natural remedies for dry skin are a cost-effective and easy way to moisturize and keep your skin glowing and youthful. For sufferers of dry skin, daily skin care can present somewhat of a challenge. Skin shows age more prominently in the form of wrinkles, makeup is more difficult to apply, and the skin looks unsightly and has a tight and itchy feel. Fortunately, natural remedies for dry skin can be found easily and inexpensively in your own kitchen and grocery store.

One of the most important steps in your skin care routine is to avoid using harsh soaps. Natural soaps with no alcohol in the ingredients list and no added perfumes are best. Drinking an adequate amount of water helps your skin cells stay plump and hydrated and should be on all of our to-do lists of natural remedies. Experts recommend eight glasses of water per day and more than that when you exercise.

Olive oil is an all-natural moisturizer filled with fatty acids and antioxidants. A thin layer smoothed on the skin morning and night will soften lines and wrinkles and make the skin more luminescent. Allow to soak into your skin for ten to fifteen minutes before applying foundation.

Dabbing a little honey onto your face right after your nightly skin care routine will naturally exfoliate and serve as a barrier to help hydrate while you sleep. Filled with vitamins and minerals, honey is a natural humectrant, helping retain moisture. You can feel your skin tightening as it dries.

Another natural remedy is a rose-water mist. Easily found in natural health stores, look for the rose water mist that is organic and pure without any additives besides Glyceryn. Especially look out for alcohol, as it is very dehydrating and drying. Simply add 20 drops of rose-water in an 8-ounce glass of distilled or purified water. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle (glass is best as plastic leaches out chemicals) and mist your face throughout the day. It smells heavenly, is portable, and is very refreshing on hot summer days.

Adding a drop of tea tree oil in your moisturizer will help smooth and moisturize your skin on the cellular level. A known benefit of tea tree oil is helping extract blackheads and calming pimples. Always dilute tea tree oil with water or a carrier oil. Undiluted tea tree oil may cause skin irritation, redness, blistering, and itching.

Treat dry skin from the inside out by taking vitamin and mineral supplements, choosing organic and healthy foods, and keeping your stress level low. Caring for your dry skin naturally is as easy as a trip to the grocery store!