Millennials and Plastic Surgery: They Researched This Most in 2015

Millennials and Plastic Surgery: They Researched This Most in 2015

Cosmetic Surgery : What Do Millennials Search for The Most

Compared to older generations, Millennials, those under 35, are bothered as much by the idea of using medicine to morph their bodies — they just don’t want those changes to be explicit.

The perfect body — with big tits and a Barbie smile — are passe. Incremental improvement is the new black.

So what bodywork are millennials getting done? In 2015 these surgically sanctioned shapings made up almost half of all traffic to RealSelf:

Stretch Marks

90-percent of all new moms were millennials. Unlike their mothers, millennial moms had a large variety of selections to choose from when dealing with post-pregnancy chances, including stretch marks.

Tattoo Removal

That tattoo that they thought was so “rad” as a teenager finally got old and Millennials led the way in tattoo removals.

Acne Scars

Over 45-percent of all traffic RealSelf saw was to learn about acne scar treatment — and it was from millennials. Millennial men are interested in their appearance and dermatologists to claim acne scar treatment is the primary reason young men get an appointment.


One of the more discussed cosmetic surgery options in 2015, millennials made up over half of all traffic.  A survey of over 450 board-certified physicians predicts this non-surgical skin rejuvenation method is going to be around for a very long time

Butt Job and Nosejob

Both surgeries are the thumbs-under-the-suspenders big shots in cosmetic surgery. In 2015, Millennials comprised over 50% for all traffic when it came to Brazilian Butt Lifts and Rhinoplasty. So much for millennials not wanting the body shaping to be obvious.

What does all this mean? Millennials aren’t afraid to do some research and find out what they’re facing in cosmetic surgery.