Kelly Ripa Raves About Botox


By Natalie Baker

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We’ve become used to eternally youthful stars denying that they’ve had “work done,” but one star who isn’t afraid to speak out for her love of Botox is Kelly Ripa. The 41-year-old has spoken out in a recent interview with In Touch magazine and admitted that she has Botox “as often as possible.”

In excerpts from the interview, the Daily Mail reports the star told the magazine, “I work out every day. I don’t overeat. I try to drink water, but I prefer wine, and when all else fails, I get Botox injected right here, right into my forehead as much as possible!’

While many stars credit genetics or diet to their youthful and line-free skin, Ripa’s latest statements appear refreshingly honest.

The star went on to say that that she uses her children, Michael, 15, Lola, 11 and Joaquin, nine, as an indicator for when she needs a top-up of Botox injections from celebrity favorite dermatologist Dr. Frederic Brandt.

She told the magazine, “It’s when my kids start asking me if I’m mad at them, and I say, ‘Why do you think I’m mad at you?’ They say it’s because I’m frowning. I go, ‘Oh no! I am? I’ll be right back!'”

However, her dermatologist reportedly told the magazine that his aim is to “keep Kelly looking like Kelly.”

Kelly Ripa is set to cover for Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts while she takes time off for a bone marrow transplant. She will share the job with Diane Sawyer, Katie Couric, and Barbara Walters.