How to treat pimples and pimple scar marks naturally at home

pimple and pimple scars

How to reduce pimple and pimple scars at home using natural remedy

Pimples are a very common problem for most teenagers today. No matter how much care you take of your skin or body, there is always a high chance that you will get a pimple during the age of puberty and some will even tend to get pimples when they turn into adults. There are a number of reasons that one can get a pimple. One of the most common reasons that a person will get a pimple is the dirt in the air today. Very often, a microscopic piece of dirt will get stuck in a pore in your skin. The pore is an avenue for the sebaceous glands, located under the layers of skin, to excrete the natural oils they produce to the upper layers of the skin. If the pore gets blocked, the oils produced by the sebaceous glands (also known as sebum) starts to build up behind the blockage.
The build up of the oils will react with the bacteria on the dirt and become infected. A number of people tend to burst the pimples prematurely without understanding that an action like this will cause the bacterial infection contained within the pimple to spread over a larger area of the skin and cause a possible outbreak of acne. Pimples are also very often caused by genetics as well as an unhealthy diet.
Due to the amount of people impacted by pimple outbreaks throughout the year, almost every part of the world has a home remedy for pimples that they will swear by. You can try a few of the following to see what suits you best.
• Papaya is well known for its skin maintenance properties. Create a paste using the skin and seeds along with the pulp and apply this over the pimples to cure pimples.
• Make a paste by combining ground sesame seeds with water and apply this on the affected areas. It is also known to work wonders with skin rashes and skin allergies.
• Benzoyl peroxide is an easily available over the counter medicine that you could purchase from your local chemist. Apply this solution over the pimples.
• Applying a paste of orange peel over your face is another effective way to deal with pimples.
• Create a paste by combining boiled milk and fresh lime juice and use this as a facial wash to fight the blackheads.
• Another effective treatment for pimples is applying grated potatoes over the infected area. This will also help other skin problems like boils, whiteheads and skin blemishes.
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