How to Remove Facial Hair Without Damaging Your Skin


Bushy eyebrows, upper lip hair, and stray strands on the chin have to go. If you’re searching for the best facial hair removal methods, give these five options a try.

In Middle Eastern countries threading is a popular way to shape the eyebrows. Unwanted hairs are pulled from the roots by carefully maneuvering cotton thread over the hair. Removal is quick and much less painful than using wax. Head to your favorite hair salon that offers personal care grooming services to try threading.

The fastest way to remove a few hairs is tweezing. Choose a small tweezers with a slanted tip to make grasping hair easier. Check out the Maybelline New York Expert Tools Slant Tip Tweezer. This tool is perfect for removing a few stray eyebrow hairs, chin hairs or plucking a peeking nose hair. Sanitize the tool after each use to avoid causing a skin infection.

When you need to remove a lot of hair, use wax. From packaged wax strips to melted “hot” wax treatments at a salon, waxing pulls hairs from the roots, leaving you with smooth skin. This method is perfect for removing upper lip hair or shaping eyebrows. After waxing, apply a cool compress to the skin to soothe redness and inflammation.

Some women prefer to use a creamy depilatory for facial hair removal. This chemically based lotion treatment wilts the hairs, making them come loose from the skin. There’s no tugging or pulling involved, but the chemicals can be harsh on the skin. I avoid this method since it causes my sensitive skin to burn and become rashy.

Although quick and painless, shaving isn’t the best option for removing facial hair. If the razor is dull, it won’t cut close enough to the skin, leaving you with stubble on your face. Use shaving only as a last resort, or to remove just a few hairs in an inconspicuous place, such as under the chin.