How to Prevent Razor Bumps

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Razor bumps can be prevented. Here’s how.

Are you so accustomed to getting razor bumps after you shave that you think they’re par for the (shaving) course? Not so! If you’re game to change you can avoid those nasty razor bumps that tee you off! Here are our best shaving tips:
• Change your routine. First thing in the morning is the worst time to shave. In the morning, skin is the most sensitive, easily bruised, cut, and most likely to be afflicted by razor bumps. Because morning skin is puffy, it’s hard to see those little hairs and that makes it hard to shave safely. You end up shaving too much on one spot, too close to the skin, with too much pressure, or too thoughtlessly (remember, you’re likely tired and less focused first thing in the morning anyway!). Have breakfast before you shave, read the newspaper, have coffee — do anything that takes 20 to 30 minutes after you wake up before you shave.
• Always shave after you shower, not before. The heat and steam soften your hair, making shaving easier and reducing the risk of razor bumps.
• Throw out the old, dull razor blades and replace with fresh, new ones. Dull blades cause razor bumps, guaranteed.
• Use this primer on skin prep: Prepare your skin for shaving to prevent razor bumps from forming. Here’s how:
o Shave only on moist skin — never run the razor on dry skin for a so-called “quick fix.” This is especially important for your cheeks and chin (and armpits, ladies) which you may be tempted to shave quickly before leaving the house.
o Ladies, after shaving your underarms, wait before applying deodorant or antiperspirant for at least 20 minutes. Your sensitive, newly shaved skin needs time to calm and heal.
o Don’t use your roomie’s old razor. It’s dirty and likely dull.
o Don’t buy disposable razors. Not only are they a waste of plastic and bad for the environment, they also cause nicks, bumps, and irritation.
o Shave in the shower after fully lathering skin with soap, gel, or shaving cream.
o Soothe newly shaved skin by applying a moisturizing lotion after you shave.
• Don’t fight your hair’s natural growth pattern. Shave the way your hair grows, not against it. People tend to shave against the grain hoping to get a closer shave. But the reality is that shaving against the grain causes razor bumps.
• Banish razor bumps right away. Need a quick fix for razor bumps? Try these:
o Press apple-cider vinegar on your skin using a cotton ball or clean washcloth.
o Dissolve aspirin tablets in warm water to create a sticky paste. Then lather it on the irritated razor-burned skin to soothe, anesthetize, and heal those bumps.
o Apply a cold compress to razor bumps, then pat dry — do not rub or scratch.
o Use a small amount of over-the-counter cortisone cream on razor rash.
o Dot petroleum jelly on the razor bumps.
o Don’t pick at them! They will only get worse.
o Stop shaving for three days to give your skin an opportunity to heal.
It’s easy to prevent razor bumps if you’re thoughtful about your shaving habits.