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The coco butter formulation will not work to relieve scars, as it is only a moisturizing solution and not a skin care treatment. Scars, despite their awkward appearance, are still skin tissue and to get rid of a scar, you will need to get rid of that skin. This might be problematic considering that they are shingle scars. They would be painful to remove; however, they are not exactly the same severity as a scar from an injury so you can use a home remedy and other skin care tips to resolve this.
The element from nature that is used to remove skin – especially dead skin is salicylic acid. This is a plant-based derivative that is very successful in the treatment of acne. Salicylic acid works by breaking down the proteins that bind dead skins cells. This makes it less fibrous and rather flaky. This makes it easier to remove form the skin by some kind of an abrasive force that could be mechanical, micro-beads, or even some kind of powder. Therefore, salicylic acid is the first place to start. Skin is slightly acidic by nature – not enough to burn but enough to register when measured. This acidic nature can be broken down by alkaline substances like baking soda. When you apply baking soda to the skin as an abrasive, it further weakens the skin and allows it to be peeled off. By removing dead skin, you bring newer and younger layers of skin to the surface. Over the course of time, scars from acne and even the shingles can be reduced to the point where they are hardly noticeable anymore. Remember however, that this is a very lengthy and time-consuming process and results take a while to manifest. Faster methods are used by modern medicine and cosmetic surgeons like intense pulsed light and lasers. These work by destroying the scar, by burning it off in a controlled way. This encourages collagen growth to occur again but since the wounds are not as massive as when the scar was created, the skin heals normally instead of recreating scars.
To try out the home remedy for skin problems like this, get some salicylic acid from a drug store, where you should find it with other acne treatments. Wash your face with this formulation and lather up. Wait for a few minutes before applying some sugar crystals on the face and then rub your face properly in a circular motion. Wash after you are done, and moisturize the skin with the coco butter. It could take almost a year before the scar completely disappears, depending on how severe the shingles were.
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