How to Combat Stretch Marks from Rapid Weight Gain

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The secrets to making your stretch mark disappear
Your skin is like a giant piece of elastic that can expand and contract as necessary to accommodate growth. But if it stretches too far too fast, because of weight gain or pregnancy, its elasticity can be damaged. The result can be unsightly stretch marks.
Stretch marks often fade on their own after a few years, but odds are, you’ll want to speed that process. While some dermatologists and experts recommend more invasive ways to remove stretch marks, such as chemical peels and laser treatments, the simplest methods are sometimes the best. Here are a few tips and treatments that can help fade your stretch marks and leave your skin unblemished.
Treat your stretch marks as soon as possible. Start applying your chosen treatment at the very first signs of stretch marks — or as soon as you note that you’re gaining weight.
Get plenty of exercise. Strengthening exercises that focus on the areas where your stretch marks are located — like crunches for your abdomen, or leg lifts for your thighs — will help firm the muscles in those areas and may minimize the amount of stretching and the severity of your stretch marks.
Eat a diet rich in antioxidants. If your diet isn’t rich in vitamin A, C, or E (found in fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins), consider taking a multivitamin to make sure you’re getting enough antioxidants, nutrients that can help counteract skin damage and keep your skin strong and healthy.
Apply cocoa butter at least twice a day. This all-natural moisturizer is extremely effective at warding off stretch marks if used faithfully — and especially if it’s started early, before the stretch marks have had a chance to deepen. Take a few minutes to massage the cocoa butter into your skin: The massage will stimulate circulation in the area and the cocoa butter will soften the skin — helping your skin retain its elasticity and minimizing stretch marks.
Mix a potent, healing cocktail. Tea tree oil is a natural scar healer — you can mix it with vitamin E (a potent antioxidant) and some neutral oil, like olive oil, and massage it into the stretch marks at least twice a day.
Apply aloe vera gel each morning. This natural, plant-based product is an excellent skin moisturizer and healer, perfect for using to counteract your stretch marks. Apply the aloe vera gel to your stretch marks and the surrounding skin at least once a day. The gel will feel sticky when applied, but within a few minutes it will dry and soak into the skin.
Dab on some apple cider vinegar. Many experts on natural healing believe that apple cider vinegar is a wonderful skin healer that will help make skin more supple. Apply it to the stretch marks twice a day, using a cotton ball.
If you begin any of these treatments, you should start to see results within three weeks to a month.