How Do Celebs Stay Slim?

Plan ahead

Hollywood stars know how to keep from packing on the pounds when they’re on location. Follow their lead by using these healthy eating tips whenever you’re on the road.

Whenever I do a house call for a celeb patient who’s on location, I’m always amazed by the vast quantities of food available on the movie or TV set. In addition to catered meals, there are tables piled high with pastries, cookies, chips, and candy. With all this temptation lying around, not to mention lots of downtime in between takes, how do actors avoid packing on the pounds? I asked some of my actor friends to tell me their secrets to staying slim on the road. As it turns out, many of them bring their own food, and some even hire personal chefs to travel with them. The next time you’re invited to an event where there’s likely to be a lot of food, follow these healthy-eating tips:

Plan ahead. One of my patients brings a rice cooker with her on location, so she can cook her own brown rice in her trailer. Another packs single-serving sizes of steel-cut oatmeal in ziplock plastic bags when she travels. The more prepared you are, the less likely you’ll give in to temptation.

Pre-eat. Don’t arrive at an event starving. Eat a little snack before you leave so you’re not famished when you get there. Your blood sugar will be more stable, and you’ll be less tempted to load up on greasy appetizers. Besides, it’s hard to strike up a conversation with an attractive stranger when your mouth is full.

Indulge, but in moderation. If it’s someone’s birthday and you’re offered birthday cake, go ahead and take a piece. It would be rude to refuse. Just ask for a small piece, and only have a bite. Likewise, go ahead and eat a few french fries — but not the whole basket of them. If it’s a buffet, make it your goal to fill your plate only half full.

What are your favorite ways to eat healthy?


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