Homemade Lavender Sugar Scrub For Smooth Feet

Homemade Lavender Sugar Scrub

It’s sandal and flip flop season, and time to get our feet in shape for summer! I thought it would be fun to whip up some homemade lavender sugar scrub for my feet. I also made this recipe up to give to my mom on Mother’s Day this past week. Since I am having so much fun with my doTERRA lavender essential oils, I couldn’t wait to try this spa recipe!  Let me tell you, it smells divine.
Homemade Lavender Sugar Scrub

If you are looking for a nice handmade gift for someone, this sugar scrub recipe will be perfect. What woman or young lady doesn’t like getting a gift to pamper herself? This makes the perfect homemade item for expectant mothers, Christmas gifts, birthdays and spa parties! You won’t believe how easy this recipe is. Just three ingredients and 15 minutes and you will have a beautiful gift or a treat for your feet!

Ingredients for Lavender Sugar Foot Scrub

  • 1 Cup Sugar I prefer the natural cane sugar- it is a bit more course and I like the natural brown color.  You can use whatever you like.
  • Approx 1/4 cup of Grape-seed oil, Sweet Almond oil, or any unscented body oil.  You will want the oil that is for body use, not cooking.  The NOW brand is a good one.
  • 6-10 drops of lavender essential oil (depending on the strength of scent you want)
  • glass bowl, metal spoon, empty jar (available at Walmart for $1.97 or you can use a pint size fruit jar.)

**This makes enough for one small jar of scrub-perfect for gift giving.
how to make sugar scrubs

How To Make Lavender Sugar Scrub

1. Start with one cup of sugar in a glass bowl

2. Add grape-seed oil or sweet almond oil a little at a time and stir until you get the sugar scrub to the consistency that you want.  You don’t want it too wet or dry.  Just so the sugar is really moistened well. Some of the oil will settle to the bottom of your jar and that is okay!

3. Add drops of lavender essential oil to the sugar and stir.

4. Spoon into clean empty jar and seal tight.  Let lavender sugar scrub sit for a day or two to let the scent infuse well.

5. If giving as a gift, you can add a ribbon, tag and any embellishments you like.

Total time for this project: 15 minutes
lavender sugar scrub recipe

Do you make your own spa recipes?  I hope you will have fun trying this quick and easy sugar foot scrub.  If you don’t want to use lavender essential oil, you can substitute your favorite essential oil scent, or even try combinations of scents together! Now have fun making your own sugar foot scrub for silky smooth summer feet!