Home remedies to exfoliate skin and get rid of old

Foroily skin

I used to do a lot of drugs in the past. I’ve sought help but now I have dark marks all over my face from skin picking – please help. I’m very self conscious and it’s really obvious with no make-up. My skin tone is medium dark, so my scar is dark. what can I do?
You are looking for a way to get rid of scars that have been left behind by your skin picking experience. This is no mean task, especially considering that you have had these scars for a long time, according to what you have said in your query.Old scars are usually difficult to get rid of and can pose to be unusually cumbersome. But there are a few ways you can try and get rid of scars without resorting to surgical or other invasive methods. You should try the suggestions provided here for a few months before you start seriously considering other medical options. But do keep in mind that you would have to actually follow the methods provided here regularly and zealously. Otherwise, they will not have the desired results you are seeking.
If you have scars that have altered the evenness of your facial skin, then you can start by making it a routine to exfoliate your skin every week. If possible, go for a twice a week option, as this will show better results. Exfoliating with a granular exfoliating agent will have excellent results. You can also make your own if you do not want to use a store bought one. Foroily skin, this would comprise a pasty mix made with dried and crushed orange peels. For dry skin, you can make a simple mix of sugar crystals and olive oil, which should suffice. Rub this over your skin in gentle circular motions for about 10 minutes for best results. You can also add a few drops of lime juice to the scrub. Lime juice is a natural bleaching agent, so it will not only lighten your skin, it will also even it out considerably. In order to get rid of the darkness, you can also dab on aloe vera gel to your scars. This will also help with leveling the surface of your skin. But keep in mind that this will take a considerable amount of time to get done. Do not give up, as persistence is the order of the day. You can also apply a diluted mix of equal parts of hydrogen peroxide and water to your face to take care of scarring. But this must be done no more than once a month. This is because hydrogen peroxide can also have detrimental effects on the texture of your skin since it is a particularly harsh substance.