Home Remedies for Razor Burn

scratch the rash

Need a home remedy for razor burn? We’ve got you covered.

Skin can take a beating from a daily or even a weekly shave. Razor burn is sometimes unavoidable, as the blades strip the outer layer of your skin and can cause rashes, bumps, redness, and soreness on contact. But there are a variety of home remedies that can ease the burn. Try these:

• Up your Vitamin C. Consuming foods rich in vitamin C seems to counteract the effects of razor burn quickly. Down a glass of orange juice, eat tomatoes, or take a vitamin C supplement. Or try applying a lotion fortified with vitamin C.
• Turn on the heat. Before and after shaving, use warm water to soften your skin. Showering directly before your next shave will also help heal the burn.
• Try using an electric razor instead of blades or alternating between them. You may experience less irritation when you use the electric razor.
• Apple-cider vinegar is an easy and effective home remedy. Apply to the skin and let it absorb.
• Use aspirin in a different way. Dissolve aspirin tablets in warm water to create a thick paste. Spread paste generously on irritated skin to soothe, anesthetize, and heal the rash.
• Apply an ice pack wrapped in a soft cloth or another kind of cold compress to razor burn, then pat dry — do not rub or scratch.
• Try hydrocortisone. Use a small amount of over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream, which will help prevent the rash from itching and spreading.
• Spread a thin layer of petroleum jelly on irritated skin. This is greasy, so it’s best done on days when you don’t have to worry about getting it on nice clothes.
• Avoid perfumes and scents. Never use perfumes, colognes, or scented lotions when you have razor burn. They’ll only make the burn worse.
• Don’t scratch the rash — it won’t heal. Try scrubbing gently with a moisturizing soap and a soft sponge to alleviate the itch safely.
• Use oatmeal. If the razor burn is on your legs, try an oatmeal bath. Dissolve a packet of oatmeal bath powder in a warm (not hot) bathtub. Soak for 20 minutes, then moisturize afterward.
• Cool the rash with witch hazel. Apply with a clean cotton pad or cloth.
• Use pure aloe vera gel.
• Try tea tree oil. Mix with water and spray on razor-burned skin.
• Cool it with berries and cream. Mash strawberries with sour cream and use as a moisturizing mask.
• Stop the sting with cocoa butter — it’s good for even the most intense razor burns. You can get high-quality cocoa butter at your local health food store.

If you can’t prevent razor burn, you certainly can treat it with these easy home remedies.