Help for Upper Arm Wrinkles

Wear sunscreen every day

Upper-arm wrinkles can be treated and prevented. Here’s how.
We all age, and with age comes wrinkles. Some of us wrinkle more easily than others, and our upper arms, which are often neglected, can become particularly wrinkled. As we age, our skin loses its moisture and elasticity. Even when we lose or gain weight, our upper arms can become significantly more wrinkled than before. But there is help for upper-arm wrinkles and steps you can take both to prevent and treat them. Here are some of the best:
• Wear sunscreen every day. Not only every day, but every season, every time you go outside. Sun is often the leading cause of wrinkles. Even if your upper arms are covered, apply sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher to prevent exposure to and damage from UV rays. Even in the winter, make sunscreen a daily part of your routine.
• Slather on the lotion. Moisturize your arms at least twice a day. Dry skin wrinkles most easily, and a good rich moisturizer can help ward off wrinkles before they form.
• Work out. Exercise is key to smooth upper arms. Cardiovascular activity increases blood flow to your arms, which makes your skin healthy and smooth. Run, use an elliptical machine, or take an exercise class that gets your heart pumping and blood flowing.
• Lift weights. Light weight lifting tones and strengthens arms from the inside so that wrinkles have less flesh to form on. Lift weights three times a week to tone the area and reduce wrinkles and other fine lines. Rather than lifting very light weights numerous times, lift slightly heavier weights for 10 to 15 reps. Consult a personal trainer to help you get started.
• Say Om! Yoga strengthens your arms and improves the elasticity in your skin. Be sure to hold a downward-facing dog pose for two to three minutes several times a day to maximize the effect.
• Do some heavy lifting. Lift heavy objects instead of dragging them. Holding heavy items over your head will strengthen your arms and firm and tone your skin.
• Swim laps. Freestyle swimming and breaststrokes use every muscle in your upper arms. Be sure to shower and moisturize immediately after, especially if you swim in a chlorinated pool.
• Firm and tone. Use a skin firming cream on your arms to increase the production of collagen. Collagen plumps skin, which makes your wrinkles less visible.
• Get zapped. Laser therapy may significantly help reduce upper-arm wrinkles. A localized laser can burn off damaged, wrinkled skin and promote collagen production in the skin on your arms. This treatment may need to be repeated several times before you see results, so talk to your doctor about the prices, pros, and cons.
• Mask your problem. Tackle your dry upper-arm skin with ingredients from your kitchen. Make a mask of pineapple chunks and olive oil by immersing in a blender or food processor until smooth. Apply the mask to arms and let sit for 20 minutes before rinsing. Do this once a week.
• Get oiled up! Rub olive oil on upper arms for an intense moisture treatment.
A healthy body makes for healthy arms, with few or no wrinkles. These simple lifestyle changes can help you reduce or prevent upper-arm wrinkles for life.