Get Beautiful Brown Skin — No Sun Required

You want a beautiful tan without exposing your skin to the sun and its dangerous UV rays? Good for you! You don’t need to risk UV damage to look tanned

Here’s how to get beautiful brown skin without the sun’s harmful rays

You want a beautiful tan without exposing your skin to the sun and its dangerous UV rays? Good for you! You don’t need to risk UV damage to look tanned, gorgeous, healthy, and radiant. Skip baking on the beach, and try these simple — and much safer — ways to get beautiful brown skin.

  • Spray It On
    A spray-on tan is an excellent way to get beautiful brown skin without being out in the sun. It can give you bronzed, evenly toned skin without any of the telltale signs of sun exposure, like blotches, burns, blisters, or tan lines — or worse, the risk of dangerous skin conditions.

Many professional spray-tanning salons use an SPF formula that has few or no side effects on the skin, and the color lasts about a week. Seek out a salon that uses a formula with dihydroxyacetone, or DHT. Just keep in mind that DHT may take a few hours before transforming skin from pale to tanned and glowing.

To ensure that the formula works on your skin, ask for a trial spray. Have it done in an inconspicuous location, such as your upper thigh, to make sure you have no allergic reactions and that the color suits you. If all goes well, set up appointments to return regularly for spray treatments. Don’t shower or exercise directly before or after the treatments.

After a spray-tan session, apply a good moisturizer to your skin. This will help you maintain your beautiful brown skin — and make your skin glow as if you’d just come in from a day at the beach.

  • Get a DIY Glow
    An alternative to getting tan at a salon is using a self-tanning spray, cream, or gel. While these products may not produce results as intense or long-lasting as those you’d get at a salon, they are comparably inexpensive and widely available.

The DIY tan can also be tricky for first timers. Before applying your own tanning products, remember to exfoliate (to prevent dark patches!) and wear gloves (to prevent suntanned palms!). Apply evenly all over your body — don’t forget the tops of your feet and toes. If you plan to wear sleeveless dresses or shirts, ask a friend to apply the self-tanner to your back.

  • Fake a Bake With Makeup
    Bronzing creams, blushes, and powders are a terrific way for you to get beautiful brown skin with little effort or expense. They’re another easy and safe alternative to being in the sun, albeit the most temporary. As with any other tanning products, apply bronzing cream or powder wherever the sun would hit the skin naturally.

You can easily have beautiful brown skin — no sun required — and maintain that gorgeous look all year long.

Last Updated: Tuesday, December 8, 2009

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