Dry Skin Lotion for Winter

Dry Skin Lotion for Winter

Dry Skin Lotion for Winter: Tips for Rough Feet and Scaly Legs

Winter is the worst time of year for those who suffer from dry skin. The cold, harsh temperatures and lower humidity are tough on our skin. Quality, dry skin lotion is essential during the fall and winter months.

Two of the biggest problem areas are the feet, arms, and legs. Those who suffer from severe dry skin can develop dry, painful cracked feet and rough, scaly legs. Heavy clothes and shoes we wear in cold weather make this problem worse. It can be painful and embarrassing to cuddle with a loved one if you have alligator skin. Try some of the products listed to keep your skin soft and smooth during the long winter months.

Rough, Cracked Feet

With the heavy footwear we use in the winter, it really can keep your dogs barking. To smooth out your rough heels and cracked toes, you need to give your feet some extra love. To keep from getting calluses, use your lotion on a regular basis. For an inexpensive, old-fashioned remedy, you can use my grandmother’s solution. Slather Vaseline 100% Pure Skin Protectant Petroleum Jelly, $3.24, Walmart. Apply it at night slip on socks and let it work while you sleep. It may feel weird at first, but you will be amazed at how well it works on rough feet.

If this idea does not appeal to you then, you can use a cream nightly made for dry skin on your feet. Eucerin Plus Intensive Repair Foot Crème, $5.79, drugstore.com, is the brand of lotion my dermatologist recommended for my dry skin. It does not contain fragrance, so it will not irritate cracked sensitive skin. This dry skin lotion absorbs quickly, is not greasy, and will last a while. It will soften even the hardest heels and calluses. You will be ready to play footsie in no time.

Dry, Scaly Legs

During the winter, those long hot baths and showers feel great but dry out our skin. The hot water takes away your body’s natural oils. If your skin is dry, try to cut down on your bath time and make the water a little cooler. Be sure while you are in the bath or shower that once a week you use a brush and exfoliate. If you get rid of the dead skin build-up, it will help your lotion work well.

Since the skin that covers our body has fewer oil glands than our face you need a rich moisturizer to keep skin hydrated in the winter. Pick a dry skin lotion that has ingredients such as petrolatum, ceramides, or shea butter. Apply it after you bathe when you are still damp. This will help lock in your body’s moisture and keep your legs soft. Olay Ultra Moisture Lotion with Shea Butter, $8.99, CVS, will keep your legs from being flaky and scaly in the cold.