Dry Hands and How to Pamper Your Skin at Home

Dry Hands and How to Pamper Your Skin at Home

Our hands are the parts of our bodies that we use the most, and they often come into contact with harsh substances and are exposed to the elements a lot more than the rest of our bodies. During the summer, they get exposed to the sun, and during the winter, they are exposed to the cold air, which dries out the skin. Let’s look at some simple ways to pamper your hands at home to restore the much-needed moisture and to get smoother skin.


When we think of exfoliating products, the first thing that comes to mind is probably a facial or body scrub. We all understand the importance of exfoliation, and the same principles apply to our hands. Sloughing off dead skin cells will not only leave the skin softer, but will also help moisturizers penetrate. Make a homemade hand scrub to use before moisturizing your hands.


Using a good moisturizer that is especially formulated for the hands and cuticles can really help. Homemade alternatives include hand wraps and hand masks. Making moisturizing masks from mashed avocado and olive oil is a great way to treat your hands to an intensively moisturizing treatment without the cost of a spa visit.

Also try to massage oil into the cuticles to moisturize them and keep them supple. Dry hands often mean having dry cuticles as well; it’s not only unsightly, but can cause discomfort if the dry skin starts to crack or pull away. Trim away any rough or dry edges with a cuticle trimmer to minimize the urge to pull or pick at the loose skin.

Protect Your Hands

Use a hand cream with protective agents such as silicone if you work with water or strong household cleaners on a daily basis. The chemicals in dishwashing liquid, laundry detergents, and other cleaners can dry out or irritate the skin, so a hand cream that forms a protective barrier could lessen the irritation.

Wearing gloves during the winter months can help minimize the exposure to the elements and may help to keep the skin from drying out as much. In the summer, apply a high SPF sunscreen to your hands, just like you would to your face. Your hands are exposed just as much, if not more, and need the protection.

Our hands tend to age faster than the rest of us if they’re not taken care of properly, so treating dry hands as soon as you can could help them look younger for longer. A few simple tips and tricks could make a big difference in the overall appearance of your hands over time.