Dairy Important in Weight Loss in Women

Dairy Important in Weight Loss in Women

Dairy: Important in Weight Loss in Women

A recent research study by the National Dairy Council suggests that the intake of calcium-enriched foods such as dairy products during weight loss is essential to a women’s overall health. Experts during the study determined that eating around three to four servings of calcium-related dairy products not only helped in losing weight but also helped support healthy bone mass in the body.

Details of the Weight Loss Study

The research study at the Department of Kinesiology at McMaster took place over a 16-week period. The National Dairy  Councilfunded the study, where three groups of overweight women went on a calorie-restricted high protein diet that included consuming a certain measure of dairy products a day. The study also consisted of a of a strict exercise regimen that had the women exercising seven days a week, including aerobics. The study concluded that not only did the women lose weight, but there were improvements in their bone densities as well.

Conflicting Study Challenges Claims

Despite the claims made by the National Dairy Council, another research study has fired back at these claims, according to wgal.com. Researchers from Harvard and Brigham and Women’s Hospital of Boston conducted a study that determined that too much dairy isn’t a helpful for losing weight. The Harvard researchers contend that too much dairy isn’t good idea, especially for obese children. However, the National Dairy Council was quick to point out that their study didn’t focus on children, but women who were near the age of menopause.

The Benefits of Calcium for Women

Regardless of the criticism toward the studies the National Dairy Council, there is no denying that dairy is good source of calcium. In pre-menopausal and menopausal women, finding sources of calcium is essential because the calcium levels can start to diminish in the body. So finding a way to supplement calcium will become vital for a woman’s overall health. Dairy products aren’t the only source of calcium out there, which is good news for those who are lactose intolerant. There are calcium supplements, green vegetables, almonds, and even some juices. But the question persists: Does eating dairy products help you lose weight? A proper amount of calcium-enriched foods at a certain age can help a woman keep her calcium levels good and help promote healthy bone density.