Undesirable Facial Structure

Changing Your Facial Structure at a New York Skin Care Center

There are many individuals who think they have undesirable facial structure and worry about it. There is no doubt that the face plays a vital role in the overall look and appearance of an individual. The face is the first thing that everyone looks at because it reflects intelligence, youth, power, sexuality, good genes and so on.

The face immediately creates a social bond between strangers and can impart feelings of warmth, niceness and charm. Everyone is attracted to a person with a good-looking face. Unfortunately, we live in a world where looks are very important and even a minor skin imperfection on the face can cause people to think that they have an undesirable facial structure.

Common causes of undesirable facial structure

It is important to understand that the cause of an undesirable facial structure may be due to appearance of the eyes, hair, ears and the bone structure. Any skin imperfection like a mole, brown spot or a wrinkle often results in diminishing a person’s looks. However, the most common cause of an undesirable facial structure is abnormal growth of the facial bones.

There are many inherited syndromes that cause abnormal bony growth of the face. Down syndrome is one of the most common causes of an undesirable facial structure. In most cases, the bony abnormality may be mild and may not be obvious. However, in other cases, the bony defect may cause asymmetry of the jawline, widespread eyes, sunken cheekbones or a flat nose.

Undesirable Facial Structure NYC 2Apart from genetic reasons, the next most common cause of an undesirable face structure could be trauma. Traumatic injuries to the face are common in contact sports (eg basketball, football, wrestling and boxing) and also frequently occur after motor vehicle accidents.

Another cause of undesirable facial structure is growth of a lesion on the face (eg during cancer) or the following surgery to remove such lesions.

Finally, prolonged exposure to the sun and chronic smoking can also induce changes in the face. Most of these individuals develop signs of premature aging which may include wrinkles, nasolabial fold, aging spots and sagging skin.

Help for undesirable facial structure

The majority of New Yorkers who believe they have an undesirable facial structure develop anxiety and apprehension; they become very self-conscious about their face and often avoid social interactions with others. Often this leads to a poor quality of life. However, it is important to know that plastic and cosmetic surgery has advanced significantly in the past three decades, and almost every facial defect can be corrected or revised. If the individual is bothered by the undesirable facial structure, the first thing to do is See Dr. Gafanovich – one of the top ranked cosmetic doctors in NYC.

Types of Treatment Available

The treatment of your undesirable facial structure will depend on the cause. For example, if you have wrinkles on the face then the treatment may be with Botox or a facial injectable filler. In some cases, the cause may be skin hypopigmentation that can be easily treated with a chemical peel, dermabrasion or laser. If the individual has numerous lines, folds and sagging skin the option may include laser resurfacing, dermal fillers or some type of a facelift procedure. If there is a bone abnormality causing a structural defect, then it requires more exhaustive work up.

Today plastic surgeons can trim, realign bone, perform implants and remove excess bone with very fine small incisions. You can consult a New York cosmetologist to get a professional opinion and to determine which treatment option is best for your particular problem.

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