Tear Trough Lines

Treating Tear Trough Lines in New York City

Tear trough lines go from the eye’s inner corner — moving in a semicircular arc — to the palpebromalar groove. Otherwise known as a nasojugal groove, tear trough lines can take on a shadowy hue that looks like a dark circle under the eye.

People with tear trough lines tend to look older than they actually are and also seem to be more fatigued than they are in reality.

What causes it?

Tear trough lines

Tear troughs materialize when the skin of the lower eyelid becomes tethered to the facial bones underneath. The aging process, meanwhile, causes tissues laxity and a volume deficit in the lower eyelid, which essentially makes tear trough lines all the more visible. Eyelid bags can increase the prominence of tear troughs. While incidents of the tear trough condition become more prominent as people age, this is not to say that the younger demographic cannot get tear troughs as well.

How to fix tear trough lines in NYC?

Tear Trough Line NYC

There are several options when it comes to treating tear trough lines. One option is an Invasive surgical procedure, but a non-invasive alternative that does not involve going under the knife is a filler treatment. For instance, Restylane can provide people with great results that can last for north of one year, and there is negligible downtime associated with such a procedure.

Restylane is the filler treatment of choice for several reasons — such as the length of time it lasts and the fact that it facilitates a natural rejuvenation. Other fillers that will do the job include Beloteroa, which like Restylane is a hyaluronic acid filler ideally suited to treat the tear trough area. Other fillers like collagen, silicone, Radiesse and Artefill are not recommended for treating tear trough lines, and they do not lead to the best end results and can bring about undesirable side effects.

Who makes an ideal candidate?

Simply put people who make good candidates for filler treatment include those who are not content with the way tear trough lines make them look. People considering the procedure should make a point to visit Dr. Gafanovich – a board-certified New York physician – to find the best possible treatment. A good cosmetologist will ensure that patients who want the filler treatment have good skin thickness and favorable skin elasticity. People who lack on either or both of these areas may not be the best candidates for the filler treatment. A healthcare practitioner will be able to recommend other options as required.

While injection treatments for tear trough lines can be very safe and effective, there are nonetheless risks that people should be mindful of before deciding whether or not to go through with an operation. For instance, blindness is a possibility in the event that filler clogs a retinal artery. Less serious risks include the possibility of swelling, bruising or bumps.

What to do post-treatment?

After the injection, patients should wait at least a couple of days before resuming any strenuous activities, and they need to steer clear of sleeping with their faces down. In order to lessen bruising or swelling, patients should, for the initial two days after the injection, apply ice from time to time.

Tear trough lines are a common problem, particularly among the older demographics. Fortunately, however, there are safe options, surgical or non-invasive, that people can get to eliminate or reduce the prominence of tear trough lines. People should do their homework and find a dermatologist with the specialized skills needed to perform the desired procedure. Depending on which treatment option is selected, patients can enjoy long-term benefits as they get rid of unsightly tear trough lines.

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