Lost Facial Volume

Recovering Facial Volume at Rejuve NYC of Upper East Side

How Do We Loose Volume of Face?

Loss of facial volume is common as we age. The reason for this is that with advancing age there is loss of fat and collagen around the face which starts to appear sunken. As the volume loss progresses, there is a loss of definition of the facial contour lines which separate the cheeks, nose, mouth and eyes. Also, the skin loses its elasticity, and the youthful appearance starts to disappear.

Lines and wrinkles start to appear all over the face.  Facial volume loss in most cases is not a sudden event but a gradual process. Facial volume loss usually starts to develop around the 5th decade of life and is progressive.

When facial volume loss occurs, the cheeks appear flat, there is pronounced hollowing around the eyes along with sunken temples and the skin around the jawline starts to sag. In addition, one may develop lines around the nose and corners of the mouth. The overall appearance of skin is dry, thin and dull.

Causes of Facial Volume Loss

Lost Facial Volume NYCBesides advancing aging loss of facial volume could be genetic. If you have someone in your family who developed facial volume loss at an early age, then there is a chance that you may also develop the condition. One group of individuals who also develop loss of facial volume are HIV individuals who are treated with antiviral drugs. Known as facial lipodystrophy, the antiviral drugs cause significant loss of volume which can affect facial cosmesis.

Other triggers for facial volume loss include poor life style; this means not getting adequate sleep, continued smoking, facial trauma and extreme dieting. Facial volume loss is often exacerbated in people who are severely ill and continue to have prolonged sun exposure. Finally, prolonged stress, financial worries and hormonal changes may also contribute to the cause.

The majority of people who have facial volume loss seek help primarily for cosmetic reasons. The condition is painless but can lead to anxiety, depression and isolation. Some people with facial volume become hypersensitive and tend to become isolated and withdrawn.

Treatment Options in New York

Today people who have loss of facial volume have a number of options, both non-surgical and surgical. The non-surgical treatments include use of dermal fillers which work rather quickly. The results of injectable fillers can last anywhere from 6-24 months depending on the type of dermal filler.

Lost Facial Volume NYC 2The types of dermal fillers available to treat facial volume loss include Beloteroa, Juvederm, or Restylane, Perlane, Radiesse and Sculptra. All of these dermal fillers produce excellent facial aesthetics. The injections are performed as outpatient, and there is little downtime. In most cases, the injections rarely last more than 45-60 minutes, and the procedure is relatively painless. Most people see the benefits of dermal fillers within 5-10 days, after the bruising and redness have subsided.

In HIV patients. the dermal filler of choice is Sculptra, but any other filler will produce similar results. Today many cosmetic specialists recommend Sculptra to reverse facial volume loss. This is a natural product made from poly-L-lactic acid. After the injection, Sculptra not only helps replace the missing collagen; it continues to stimulate collagen production for a few months. Usually 2-3 sessions of treatment are required over a few months and the results can last for up to 24 months. While Sculptra is slightly more expensive than other facial injectable fillers, it does last the longest.

In rare cases, some New York cosmetic experts will also combine dermal filler injections with implants or fat injections to erase the chin dimpling or flat cheeks.

The type of dermal filler for facial volume loss depends on what you want and what you can afford. Each injectable filler has its pros and cons; the best way to know what dermal filler will work for you is to see a our Skin Specialist and let him or decide.

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