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Loose skin, such as on the face, neck and forehead, can happen for a number of reasons. These reasons range from significant weight reduction, the genetic makeup people are born with and the natural process of getting older.

Causes of Loose Skin

Loose skin occurs the skin’s outer layer, otherwise known as the epidermis, thins out. As this happens, a layer of fat that typically helps to give the skin a youthful glow is lost. When the skin has less fat, the skin starts to sag, and this consequently makes the person with the sagging skin appear to be older than he or she actually is. Moreover, the aging process is such that the sebaceous glands make less oil as people get older, which in turn leads to drier skin that is more susceptible to wrinkles.

Remedies and Treatment in New York City

Loose Skin NYC 2In cases where there is an excessive amount of loose skin due to a substantial amount of weight loss, plastic surgery is an option since the underlying muscles must be repositioned. For instance, loose skin in the face, neck or forehead can be addressed by either a mini lift or a facelift, which will help to tighten the skin about the neck and to lift the jowls. During the procedure, the surgeon will take out fat above and below the muscle fibers that go from the collarbone to the jaw. He or she will firm up the muscle in front of the neck and beneath the jaw line to make the jowl line look better. In a bid to lift the jowls, the surgeon will also firm up the facial superficial musculoaponeurotic system.

Panniculectomy, which is a term that refers to the removal of excess skin, is on one end of the spectrum for addressing the loose skin issue while non-invasive treatments are on the other end of the spectrum. Skin tightening options include dermal fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm or Radiesse.  Any of these dermal fillers can make cheek folds and jowls appear less pronounced. Skin tightening equipment can also help with the problem of loose skin. Such equipment, which can be found in New York medical offices, such as Rejuve NYC can bring about good results. Yet another non-surgical option is Laser skin resurfacing.

Many medical professionals in NYC are of the opinion that a mix of surgical and non-surgical treatments will provide the most optimal skin tightening outcome in many cases. For instance, people who have loose skin on their neck could see superior results by combining Termage and neck liposuction than by using one and excluding the other.


There are things people can do to keep their skin looking firm, and much of this has to do with eating lots of food that is high in antioxidants. A diet high in antioxidant-rich fare will assist in getting rid of free radicals and firming up the skin’s collagen. Options that will help people take advantage of antioxidants include grapes, passion fruit and, among other things, olives. In addition to steering clear of sodium, fried food and alcohol, people who want to prevent their skin from getting loose – at least until the aging process takes it course — should snack on things like Brazil nuts, which contains selenium. Selenium assists with keeping skin elasticity in place. Another tip is to consume pomegranate juice, which contains health properties that fortify the blood vessels, and this brings nutrients to the skin.

In addition to using special skincare cream, people who want to keep their skin healthy should be sure to drink eight glasses of water daily. This not only will eliminate toxins from their body, but also will provide the moisture needed to keep their skin supple.


Loose skin is a problem that can be delayed for a time, but the natural result of the aging process means that it cannot be postponed via natural means forever. Whether by surgical or non-surgical means, people can main a younger, fresher look for longer. The best course of action would be to sit down with a medical professional to discuss the best options to achieve the desired end result.

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