Horizontal Forehead Lines

How Horizontal Forehead Lines Are Treated at Skin Rejuvenation Center of Rejuve NYC

Horizontal forehead lines first start to appear around the fourth decade of life in most people. For some unlucky individuals with a family history, these lines may appear a decade earlier. Forehead lines occur primarily due to aging, but several other factors may contribute to the development of these lines.

Over the years, it has been observed that individuals who have continuous and prolonged exposure to the sun, smokers and even those exposed to second-hand tobacco smoke can develop premature forehead lines. Finally, another common cause of these lines is the frequent use of facial muscles during laughing or raising the eyebrow.

Horizontal forehead lines when they first develop are thin and not always visible from far. But with time, these lines become conspicuous and impart an older serious looking face.

Horizontal forehead lines are not life threatening and of no medical concern, but they reflect poor overall cosmesis of the face. The most common reason why individuals seek help is to improve the face aesthetics and look young.

Horizontal Forehead Lines NYC

Procedures: Botox, Facial Injectable Fillers

Today, several different treatments have become available for forehead lines. An unrealistic treatment that does not involve any type of cosmetic procedure is to stop laughing or raising the eyebrow. Even though recommended, this treatment usually does not work well because often these facial motions are spontaneous and natural.

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For those who seek therapy, there are several types of cosmetic procedures available for forehead lines. The first one Usually recommended is Botox injections. These injections are done as an outpatient here in New York City and rarely take more than 15 minutes. Botox works within several days, and as the muscle relax, the lines start to disappear. Botox is relatively cheap, has little downtime and works well. The procedure may cause mild pain and swelling, but these are transient side effects which rapidly resolve.

Another effective treatment for forehead lines is the use of dermal fillers like collagen, Juvederm, or Restylane. These fillers are again injected as outpatients, and the procedure is brief. The downtime is short, and the results are pleasing. Depending on the type of injectable filler used, one may also require pretesting for allergy. Dermal fillers can last from 5-12 months depending on the type of dermal filler. After this, touch-ups are required to maintain the line-free forehead. Side effects of dermal fillers include asymmetry, pain, prolonged swelling and injury to nerves. Fortunately, most people who perform dermal injections are experienced and very familiar with the facial anatomy.

Laser Procedures

Another relatively new method that has been developed to treat forehead lines is the use of Thermage (also known as Thermacool or Thermalift). This fancy laser tightens the tissues underneath the skin and produces excellent results. Again the downtime is short and the aesthetic benefits appear within a few months. Unlike other treatments, Thermage is also the most expensive. When performed by a skilled cosmetologist complications are rare but when performed by inexperienced therapists, complication can result in skin discoloration, keloid formation, and prolonged pain.

For the individual with forehead lines which are unsightly, the only way to know which is the ideal treatment for you, the best advice is to See a NYC cosmetic specialist. Because there are many practitioners of this art (and some have no cosmetic training), it is important to select your provider well. In the field of cosmetic medicine in New York, cheapest is not always the best.

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