11 Lines Between Brows

Frown Lines Treatment in NYC Skin Rejuvenation Center

What Are 11 Lines?

Lines that are formed in between the eyebrows are referred to as frown lines. These vertical skin lines develop after movements of certain muscles of facial expression. Unlike lines that develop elsewhere on the face, the frown lines depend on muscle motion. On the other hand, lines and wrinkles on other parts of the face commonly are related to smoking and prolonged sun exposure.

Frown lines develop in between the eyebrows when people repeatedly scowl or frown. Eventually, this constant muscle action damages the elasticity of the tissues underneath the skin. When this occurs, the skin is unable to restore its wrinkle-free look and appears folded. After some time, the frown lines get etched into the skin and do not disappear, even when the facial muscles are at rest.

11 Lines Betweeb Brows NYC

Frown lines tend to be more common in certain people or cultures; in people who constantly use the face for verbal expression, frown lines not only appear earlier but are also much bigger and obvious. On the other hand, in Japanese and Chinese culture where verbal language is not expressed by the face, frown lines to be less common.
Frown lines in women tend to be more commonly associated with advancing age, whereas, in men, these lines may be associated with gravity and perhaps “wisdom.” However, in both cases, frown lines are disliked because they impart an older and serious looking face.

11 Lines Betweeb Brows NYC 2Botox and Dermal Fillers Procedures

For those individuals who are bothered by lines between the eyebrows, Botox injections can help. This chemical can relax muscles of the face that cause frown lines. The injections are done as an outpatient; takes less than 15 minutes and there is no downtime. Within 5-7 days, one can have a frown-free face.

Another option is to have dermal filler like Juvederm, or Restylane. The duration of the benefits after the dermal fillers is slightly longer than Botox. For those who do not like needles, a third option is the use of tapes or patches that can be applied at night. Known as frownies, these tapes pull the skin folds apart and can lessen them. The tapes have to be applied for many months and often do not work. Other topical treatments like Chemical peels, Retin A and Dermabrasion will affect the texture of skin but will not erase the lines.

If you have lines in between the eyebrows and are distressed by them, the recommendation is to See a New York cosmetic doctor at Rejuve NYC. Read up about these “lines” because the more you know about the condition, then the more likely it is that you may be able to select what is the right therapy for you.