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How to Get Rid of Rosecea in New York

Rosacea is a common skin condition that is little understood by the general public. A skin condition that targets the facial region, rosacea leaves affected people with an acne-like, red-face appearance that needs to be treated. It sometimes affects the eyes, and it can in some cases also appear on the upper body. Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that requires ongoing treatment in order to keep it under control.

Cause of Rosacea

There is uncertainty as to exactly what causes rosacea. However, there are various possible explanations to account for the chronic skin condition. For example, some believe that rosacea may result when blood vessels in the facial region dilate excessively easily. When this happens, according to the theory, the increased blood close to the skin surface gives the skin a reddish and flushed appearance. While incidents of rosacea involving children are rare, there are documented cases of children and adolescents coming down with the condition. The condition also tends to run in families, which means that people who have a family history of rosacea should be particularly vigilant in taking proactive measures as per diagnosis and medical intervention before the skin disorder worsens.

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Symptoms of Rosacea

Unlike many skin conditions that are short-term, rosacea is a chronic condition that can go through many remission-relapse cycles. Even though there is no cure, people with the condition can, with the right treatment and lifestyle choices, control rosacea. People with the condition often report symptoms such as stinging, swelling, burning and itching in the facial region.

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There are numerous triggers for rosacea. These include emotional stress, hot baths, sun exposure, cold weather, hot weather, intense exercise, wind or alcohol. What those with the skin condition need to do is keep track of the sorts of things that appear to be triggers and then seek to avoid, or, at least, reduce exposure to, those triggers.

Dr. Gafanovich – an experienced New York cosmetic doctor – can help people to figure out the environmental and lifestyle factors that could bring on outbreaks of the skin condition.

Treatment Options at Rejuve NYC

When it comes to rosacea, the name of the game is treatment since it is a chronic skin disorder. Some experts state that about 50% of people living with rosacea seem to deal with dry skin. However, treatment usually helps address not only dry skin but also papules and pustules, which are types of rashes. In addition to using moisturizers every day, people with rosacea should also consult with a licensed skin expert to ascertain what medications could best help to keep the skin condition under control.

Some people who use medication to lessen the redness that comes with rosacea might notice visible blood vessels or spider veins. This can be hidden with makeup or removed courtesy of an intense pulsed light treatment, vascular laser treatment or some other means.

Since rosacea doesn’t necessarily exhibit itself the same way for all people with the skin condition, it is important to have a doctor or dermatologist create a treatment game plan that is specific to each patient. For instance, some people might need help with redness or pimples or some other side effect of rosacea. A medical professional will be able to provide proper guidance. As required, surgical procedures such as Laser treatment can be used to extract visible blood vessels or to lessen redness.

Rosacea is a common skin condition that, while incurable, can be controlled with the right game plan. People who suffer from rosacea should consult a doctor who will be able to help them identify triggers that may cause flare-ups. With the right precautionary measures and proper skin care routine, people living with rosacea can live normal lives.

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