Treating Melasma at Manhattan Skin Rejuvenation Center

Melasma is a hyperpigmentation condition of the face that creates a botchy, brownish complexion. While the causes remain somewhat mysterious, melasma affects women much more than men and is triggered and made worse by sun exposure.

If you are pregnant and developed melasma, it may fade on its own, but in other cases, melasma is a chronic condition that doesn’t go away. There are treatments available to help diminish the look of melasma and give your skin a clearer, smoother look.

Rejuve NYC offers a variety of effective treatment options for melasma. Call our New York City location to schedule a consult today.

What Causes Melasma?

Melasma is often called the “mask of pregnancy” because it is often seen on the faces of pregnant women. Melasma is a blotchy, poorly-defined hyperpigmentation condition of the skin. It does not itch, bleed nor scale over. Melasma often appears on the cheeks, upper nose area, chin and forehead, and affects women far more often than men. While melasma has a strong association with pregnancy and seems to be affected by hormonal changes, it does appear in non-pregnant women. Women at the greatest risk seem to be ones with darker skin tones, especially Hispanic women and women from Southeast Asia, as well as women who live in areas that receive a lot of sunlight.

MelasmaThe causes for melasma are multifactorial and include sun exposure, hormonal fluctuations, and genetics. Individuals with family members who have melasma are at a heightened risk. Melasma seems to get worse in the summer months and better in the winter months.It is not an infectious disorder nor is it pre-cancerous.

The pathogenesis of melasma has to do with the increased production of melanin, the brownish pigment produced by melanocytes that gives skin its normal color. Sun exposure triggers the production of melanin, which is why it can make melasma work. The best preventive measure against melasma is wearing sunscreen and protecting your skin from the sun as much as possible.

Rejuve NYC Approach to Melasma

We value each person that visits us at Rejuve Clinic and we realize that everyone is unique and comes with different needs and desires. When you first come to Rejuve Clinic, conveniently located on New York City’s Upper East Side, Dr. Marina Gafanovich and her team of skin experts will discuss your desires and concerns with you. A medical history and thorough physical skin exam will be conducted to ensure a proper medical diagnosis. Once we have a clear idea of what is needed, one of our staff will talk to you about your condition and explain to you the most effective treatment options. Be sure to express your concerns and ask any questions; our primary goal is to make sure you are fully informed and comfortable with your treatment choice.

Rejuve NYC’s Treatment Options for Melasma:

IPL Therapy or Photofacial

Melasma NYC

Photorejuvenation, or Intense Pulsed Light, is an effective and noninvasive way to have clearer skin and reduce acne and acne scars. Sun spots, age spots, freckles and broken capillaries may also be successfully treated with the IPL device which emits a range of light waves that target hemoglobin and melanin, the pigment in spots, freckles and blackheads.

Photodynamic Facial or Blue Light Treatment

This treatment may be very effective in improving the face’s appearance. Your skin is coated with Levulan, a solution that makes the target cells more susceptible to light. The results are clearer, smoother and younger-looking skin.

This is a popular, noninvasive treatment for hyperpigmentation. Microscopic laser beams are applied to the skin and stimulate the body’s natural ability to boost collagen production. The result is a healthier, softer and younger-looking skin.

Fraxel Dual Laser

A highly popular and noninvasive treatment, microscopic beams are applied to the skin and penetrate deep to stimulate the body’s natural collagen-boosting production and creates healthier and younger-looking skin.

Clear and Brilliant

A mild, low-energy, laser treatment that helps reduce freckles, fine lines and more. One of Rejuve Clinic’s more popular treatment options, Clear and Brilliant has a brief recovery time and excellent restorative nature. This procedure can easily be performed on a lunch break allowing the client to go immediately back to work. Clear and Brilliant is an excellent choice as an anti-wrinkle preventive measure as well.

Fractional CO2

Recently rated the best, long-term skin rejuvenation tool, Fractional CO2 skin resurfacing provides the most results in one treatment. While this treatment is more intense and requires more healing time, it results in significant, long-term and noticeable improvement.

Chemical Peels

A chemical peel is a great first step for treating hyperpigmentation and other skin conditions. The procedure involves apply an antioxidant-rich chemical solution to remove damaged, outer, layers of skin. Offering superficial to deep penetration options, Rejuve Clinic tailors the treatment to your desires. Results are less blotchiness, reduced pigmentation and younger-looking skin.


This treatment is conducted by one of our highly qualified medical staff members who uses a specially designed brush to surgically scrape away areas of skin. Dermabrasion is a very controlled process with minimal recovery time.It results in smoother, refreshed and healthy skin with definitively noticeable results. Read More.

The Rejuve Clinic Difference:

Our highly trained and dedicated skin experts always put you and your expectations first. We take the time to understand you and your unique skincare needs as well as address all of your concerns. Unlike many trendy skincare spas, we are run by a board-certified physician and one of NYC’s top doctors,Dr. Gafanovich.We will work with you as a team for a very satisfying and compelling outcome. Call our NYC location today for a consultation.