Liver spots

What Are Liver Spots and How to Get Rid of Them in NYC

Liver spots are flat splotches on the skin that can be black, tan or brown. Also known as age spots, liver spots can appear in different sizes and can manifest themselves on body parts — such as arms, face, hands and shoulders — that are subject to excessive sun exposure. While people of all ages can come down with liver spots, the skin condition is quite common among the segment of the population that is 50+.

Liver spots, though they may appear to the untrained eye to be cancerous growths, pose no health danger. However, people who nonetheless want to get rid of them have numerous options at their disposal such as surgical procedures to remove them altogether or skin-bleaching treatments to lighten them.

Causes of Liver Spots

Liver spots NYCAlthough people of different age groups can get liver spots, the skin condition is avoidable. Prevention, in fact, is as simple as steering away from prolonged or excessive exposure to the sun and using sun screen when the weather calls for it. People can get liver spots, not only by subjecting themselves to years of excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays that come from the sun but also by using tanning beds or tanning lamps.

Symptoms of Liver Spots

Liver spots can appear on people of varying skin complexions. Nonetheless, it is more comment on people who have fair complexions. The skin condition appears on the skin as flat spots of tan, black or brown hue, and those who get it typically share a history of extensive sun exposure over the years.

When to seek medical attention

While liver spots pose no health risks and, therefore, don’t require any medical treatment, people who have what they believe to be liver spots should nonetheless see their doctor who can assess the skin condition to verify whether or not it is indeed liver spots. The reason it’s important to consult a doctor is that changes to what looks like liver spots, such as irregular borders or strange mixes of colors, could be indicative of skin cancer such as melanoma.

Other skin conditions that look similar to liver spots include moles, lentigo maligna and seborrheic keratosis. Liver spots NYC 2 The doctor will determine exactly what the skin condition is by conducting a visual inspection or, if the visual inspection is somewhat inconclusive, by doing a skin biopsy. To do this, the doctor will take a little sample of the patient’s skin and analyze it. People who get the skin biopsy can usually have it performed, using local anesthetic, in the doctor’s office.

Treatments Available at Rejuve NYC

While actual liver spots are generally not anything to worry about from a medical perspective, some people may wish to seek treatment in order to either get rid of them or to make them virtually unnoticeable. Options include Hydroquinone, Licorice extract, kojic acid, alpha-arbutin and vitamin C. One thing to keep in mind when it comes to treatments is that hydroquinone, although the most popular solution to treat liver spots, can lead to undesirable skin reactions for some people. Specifically, it can cause skin blisters, and the product is a bleaching agent, which means that it needs to be applied with care. Some sources recommend using a Q-tip to apply it to precisely the area or areas required. Other treatment options include cryotherapy or Laser treatment.

Liver spots is a harmless skin condition that is nonetheless very much preventable if people take heed in protecting their skin from excessive exposure to the sun. Although the skin condition poses no health risks, people who believe they have it should see a doctor or dermatologist to verify whether or not it is liver spots, and to get recommendations on what options they have.

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