Injury-Related Scars

Rejuve NYC: Laser and Other Treatments to Remove Scars

Scars can form on the skin from any trauma, including blunt force, military injuries, accidents, chemical burns, fires and more. Scars can take on many different shapes and distort the body and/or face in many ways that can create major cosmetic issues. Unfortunately, they never entirely go away. Injury-related scars can be sources of humiliation, affect one’s self-esteem and are very difficult to cover with makeup.

Luckily, with several technological revolutions in skincare, Rejuve NYC offers effective light and laser therapies to help reduce injury-related scars. Call us today to find out more.

About Injury-Related Scars

After an injury, the body’s natural inflammation and healing process will begin. After initial inflammation, different cellular pathways are triggered to create “new” skin over the injury site. Sometimes this skin is thick, bumpy and has irregular shapes. The depth and size of the scar will depend on the type and location of the injury.

There are different types of scars. Keloid scars form when the healing tissue extends beyond and above the boundaries of the injury. Keloid scars can minimize movement and created frustration that way. When an injury first occurs, adding pressure treatment or gel pads can help prevent keloid formation. Individuals with darker skin tones are more prone to keloid formation.

Injury related scarsContracture scars are common after burn injuries. Contracture injuries can be very complicated and extend deep into the skin layers, affecting both muscles and nerves.

Hypertrophic scars are elevated and red but do not extend beyond the boundaries of the injury.
Scar formation is a natural response to injury. Factors that influence formation of scars include the status of one’s immune system; age; sex; genetics; skin tone; family history; and underlying health issues.

The best course of treatment for a scar will depend on the age of the scar, its location, the type of scar, underlying health status and skin type. Rejuve Clinic’s medical team will help you decide which treatment path is right for you.

Rejuve NYC’s Approach to Injury-Related Scars:

Injury related scars NYCWhen you first come to Rejuve Clinic for your appointment, a board-certified physician will have a discussion with you about your cosmetic needs and desires. This discussion will include a thorough medical history, specifics about your injury-related scar (its age, cause, location); underlying health conditions; medications you take; and other prior skin treatments you have had. Dr. Gafanovich will then conduct a physical examination of the scar in order to assess its characteristics and recommend the best course of action. While a scar will not permanently go away,

Rejuve NYC offers effective laser and light therapies that will help reduce the appearance of a scar and make it more cosmetically appealing. During this discussion period, we request that you ask any questions you may have and voice your concerns. While our goal is the best cosmetic outcome possible, we always want to make sure you understand the treatment and are completely comfortable going forward.

Treatment Options for Injury-Related Scars:

While some individuals use steroid creams or get surgery to treat scars, Rejuve NYC offers noninvasive and effective Laser and Light Therapies:

Clear and Brilliant

A mild, low-energy, laser treatment that helps reduce freckles, fine lines and more. One of Rejuve Clinic’s more popular treatment options, Clear and Brilliant has a brief recovery time and excellent restorative nature. This procedure can easily be performed on a lunch break allowing the client to go immediately back to work. Clear and Brilliant is an excellent choice as an anti-wrinkle preventive measure as well.

Fraxel Duel

A highly popular and noninvasive treatment, microscopic beams are applied to the skin and penetrate deep to stimulate the body’s natural collagen-boosting production and creates healthier and younger-looking skin.

Fractional CO2

Recently rated the best, long-term skin rejuvenation tool, Fractional CO2 skin resurfacing provides the most results in one treatment. While this treatment is more intense and requires more healing time, it results in significant, long-term and noticeable improvement.

IPL Therapy or Photofacial

Photorejuvenation, or Intense Pulsed Light, is an effective and noninvasive way to have clearer skin and reduce acne and acne scars. Sunspots, age spots, freckles and broken capillaries may also be successfully treated with the IPL device which emits a range of light waves that target hemoglobin and melanin, the pigment in spots, freckles and blackheads.

Photodynamic Facial or Blue Light Treatment

This treatment may be very effective for improving the face’s appearance. Your skin is coated with Levulan, a solution that makes the target cells more susceptible to light. The results are clearer, smoother and younger-looking skin.

Healthy Age Management

Everyone ages but some of us age better than others. At Rejuve Clinic, we want to help you live the healthiest life possible, age gracefully and maintain a healthy skin maintenance plan. We always offer consultations on healthy lifestyle tips, sun protection, best sunscreens, diet and vitamin recommendations, moisturizer recommendations and more.

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