Getting Rid of Freckles in New York, NY

Freckles can be cute and beautiful, but if you are tired of counting your freckles or unhappy with the way they look, our expert Skincare team at Rejuve Clinic offers a variety of effective and noninvasive treatments.

What Causes Freckles?

Freckles NYCAs with most pigmented spots on the skin, Ultraviolet radiation from the sun triggers the formation of freckles.  Specifically, UV-B radiation from the sun stimulates melanosomes, organelles inside melanocytes that are responsible for the production, storage and secretion of melanin.  UV-B radiation causes the melanosomes to produce more melanin. Melanin is the dark, brownish pigment that gives skin its normal color. When overproduced, concentrated areas of melanin on the skin can form freckles, as well as age spots and sun spots.  Once a freckle forms, subsequent sun exposure can make the freckle darker and more visible.Since sunlight causes the formation of freckles, they usually appear on areas of the body that receive the most sunlight.

Freckles are not a skin disorder or a skin pathology.  Often times, there is a genetic basis for freckles and young children will have them on their cheeks and nose. Individuals with fair skin and reddish hair are particularly prone to freckles.  If you have fair and freckle-prone skin, it is highly advised that you wear sunscreen and avoid prolonged sun exposure and tanning. Tanning and sun exposure will only make freckles worse, and they also can cause faded or treated freckles to reappear.


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