Blemished, Acne-Prone Skin

How We Treat Acne-Prone Skin at Rejuve NYC

Acne prone skin refers to skin that is, due to a number of factors, predisposed to developing acne. Acne, regarded as the most common skin condition, occurs when hair follicles become clogged with oil manufactured by the body and dead skin cells. So people whose skin tends to provide conditions conducive to acne formation can be said to have acne prone skin.

Acne, which usually occurs in areas like the face, back and neck, affects eight out of 10 people who are 11 through 30 years old. Even so, a rigorous skincare regimen can help people with acne prone skin to maintain the best complexion possible.

Acne Vulgaris, which is the official term for acne, is a skin condition that impacts the oil glands in the skin. While acne can impact people of all ages — even babies as young as a couple of weeks old — it usually occurs in teenagers during their puberty years when the oil glands become active. These oil glands are activated by hormones manufactured the adrenal glands.

People with acne or who are prone to getting acne should follow the following tips:

  • New Yorkers should avoid the urge to bust open their pimples since doing this may merely send the infection further down into the skin, which may result in greater blockage and further swelling. Also, popping pimples increase the odds of developing acne scarring.
  • People should try their best not to touch their face using their hands. Furthermore, when people use the phone, they should take extra care to keep the receiver from making contact with their face since some skin and sebum residue may be on the receiverIt is recommended that people wash their face a couple of times per day — though washing more than twice is not advised. They should use warm water and soap specially designed for those with acne. In addition to not scrubbing the skin, people should also use a benzoyl peroxide-containing over the counter lotion.
  • It is important that people wash their hands on a regular basis so that they remain clean.
  • Since skin and sebum or oil residue can build up in the hair, people should wash their hair regularly and keep their hair from brushing against their face.
  • People who wear glasses should keep them clean since skin and sebum can collect on it.

Blemished abd acne prone skin NYCPeople with acne prone skin can also consider the following tips to potentially ward off outbreaks of the skin condition:

  • People need to keep their stress and anxiety levels in check since failing to do so can impact hormone levels, which can, in turn, worsen acne.
  • If using makeup products, people should avoid options that contain oil, such as lubricating lotions and moisturizing creams, since these types of products can fast-track the pores-blocking process. This, of course, can result in an acne outbreak since pores clogged by dead skin cells and oil produced by the skin lead to acne.
  • When the temperature is hot and humid, people are more likely to sweat, and sweating can worsen acne.

There are several types of products that can help people with acne-prone skin:

  • Moisturizers that don’t contain oil
  • Clay masks
  • Creams with alpha hydroxyl acid
  • Toners
  • Oil mattifiers

Acne prone skin is common condition that can be dealt with if people follow some best practices. With the right skincare regimen, people can reduce the odds of coming down the acne or at least speedily treat any outbreak of the skin condition to get it under control sooner rather than later. There are other cosmetic treatments also available for people who do not get effective results from the options discussed above.

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