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At first glance freckles and birthmarks might look quite similar. While there are similarities in that they both look like discolorations on the skin, they are different from each other as well.

Freckles are little spots that can appear on the body. People with freckles have numerous tanned spots, and the condition could impact people who subject themselves to too much exposure to the sun. People who have a fair complexion are more likely than others to get freckles, which can appear on the nose, shoulders, cheeks, arms and nose.

Birthmarks can appear on the skin of babies at birth or a short while after exiting the womb. While some birthmarks are so unpronounced as to be hardly noticeable, others can be quite pronounced to the point of disfiguring. Unlike freckles that are flat, birthmarks can be either flat or raised. They can also appear in different colors. There are two primary kinds of birthmarks: vascular birthmarks that are red and pigmented birthmarks like moles.

Causes of Birthmarks

Birthmarks and freckles NYCFreckles manifest themselves as colored spots on the skin, and they are caused as a result of the sun. The human body contains melanocytes cells that produce pigment in the skin. As such melanocytes manufacture melanin, which is in turn fed to normal skin cells, called keratinocytes, which create the outer portion of the skin. This layer safeguards against, among other things, damage that can result from the sun’s rays. When this outer barrier is compromised, however, freckles form on the skin.

Skin blemishes that some people are born with, birthmarks have many an expert stumped as to what causes the condition. However, the majority believe that babies cannot inherit vascular birthmarks. One theory of what causes birthmarks states that an excessive accumulation of cells that form the blood vessels of newborns results in the creation of strawberry marks, a type of freckle. Other New York skin experts say that a small piece of placenta might have gotten stuck within the developing embryo at an early phase of the pregnancy.

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Is There Any Danger?

While the majority of freckles present no danger, the fact is that freckles are, at the very least, a sign that skin has been adversely impacted by the sun. People with freckles who notice the formation of new or additional freckles should visit the board-certified doctor Dr. Gafanovich, however, since changes could be an indication of skin cancer or some other skin condition.

While most birthmarks are harmless and present no long-term health concerns, some require medical attention. For instance, a strawberry mark that manifests itself on a baby’s eyelid should be treated sooner rather than later because waiting too long could lead to problems with the baby’s vision. Depending on the location of a strawberry mark, problems also include difficulty with feeding or breathing, which are obviously serious, life-threatening issues that should be addressed right away. Other possible complication with birthmarks is that some of them could over time become open sores, which would present the possibility of infection.

Treatment of Birthmarks

There are treatments for people who do not like the appearance of freckles. For instance, there are bleaching and fading products that can be obtained with or without a prescription. Other options include chemical peels and retinoids, which are sometimes used along with bleaching or fading products.

Treatment for birthmarks might be medically necessary depending on where the birthmarks are. Anything close to the eye, for instance, could impact vision if not taken care of. Possible treatments include oral corticosteroids, surgical removal, freezing and laser surgery.


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