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Age Spots Elimination in NYC Skin Rejuvenation Center

Age spots are frequently seen in individuals past the fifth decade of life. These spots are also sometimes referred to as solar lentigines or liver spots. Age spots usually are brown or black in color, are flat and may vary in size (1-3 cm). Age spots are most commonly found on the hands, upper arms, face and sometimes the neck- parts of the body which are frequently exposed to the sun.

Age spots are harmless and do not require any treatment. Because age spots can sometimes look like a skin cancer, it is always advisable to get a New York physician to assess the lesion if it is growing or changes color. Once it is confirmed that you have an age spot, the decision to undergo treatment is strictly personal.

Age spots NYCTreatment Options at Rejuve NYC

For those who do not like having age spots, there are several treatment options available. Many fading creams and lotions for lightening age spots are available in skincare stores, spas and salons. These products do not remove the age spots but can effectively hide them. The treatment is temporary and repeat applications of the cream are necessary.

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Bleaching medications are often prescribed to treat age spots. To erase the age spot one can use the prescription bleaching cream called hydroquinone alone or in combination with a retinoid like tretinoin. Some cosmetologists also add a touch of low strength steroid and the spot will fade over 4-8 weeks.

Laser and intense pulsed light therapy can also be used to erase age spots. The heat from the laser destroys the melanin producing cells. In most cases, several sessions of laser are required over a few weeks. The age spots then gradually start to fade over a few months. After laser treatment, use of a sunscreen with high SPF is necessary. It is important to know that in rare cases, the laser itself can cause changes in skin color or scarring.

Freezing also known as cryotherapy involves application of liquid nitrogen on the age spots. Over time the freezing destroys the pigment producing cells and the new skin is smoother and lighter in color. Freezing therapy is best done on small age spots as it can cause pain. Of all the treatments of age spots, freezing is the cheapest but it does require many sessions spaced over a few weeks or months.

Dermabrasion is sometimes used to treat small age spots. The treatment essentially involves using a device that “sands” down the skin surface with a rapidly revolving brush. After the old skin is removed, the newer skin is healthy, smooth and lighter in color. Dermabrasion often does not work for darkly pigmented or very large spots. While the treatment is complication free, it does require multiple sessions.

There are a variety chemical peels that can be used to treat age spots. The chemical peel is applied to the age spot and burns off the top layer. As the skin peels, it is replaced by newer and fresher looking skin cells. In most cases, several chemical peel treatments are required before a result is seen. In addition, chemical peels may not be safe to use abound the eyes or mouth. If not done properly, chemical peels can lead to skin discoloration and irritation.

Overall, there are several procedures available, and therefore, it is best to speak to an experienced NY medcial cosmetics doctor to determine the best treatment.

To avoid age spots

  • use a sunscreen when going out
  • avoid the sun between 10 am and 3 pm
  • wear protective garments with long sleeves.

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