Nasal Bumps or Deviations

Treatment of Nasal Bumps in New York Skin Rejuvenation Center

What Are Nasal Bumps and Other Deviations?

Deviation of the nasal septum (the wall that lines the middle of the nose) is not an uncommon problem. When the nasal septum deviates to one side, it can make one nasal passageway much smaller. While minor degrees of nasal septum deviation may only be of a cosmetic issue, large deviations can be associated with symptoms like nasal congestion, reduced airflow causing difficulty with breathing, snoring and excessive drying of the nose which may lead to developing of crust and or bleeding.

Pain is rarely a feature of a deviated nasal septum. When patients present with pain, one should look for another cause. Another vNasal Bumps or Deviations NYCery common symptom of deviated nasal septum is snoring. This is commonly seen in children and young adults.

People who have a nasal septum usually have a preferential side of sleeping in order to maximize air entering the nose at night.

Deviation of the nose can occur for many reasons:

  • It may be a congenital problem associated with a cleft lip or cleft palate
  • May be caused by trauma to the nose
  • Certain medical disorders like sarcoidosis and relapsing polychondritis may be the cause
  • Weakening of the nasal tissues especially following surgery.

The major risk factors for nasal septal deviation from trauma include 1) playing contact sports and 2) not wearing a seat belt while in a motor vehicle. In most cases of car accidents, the face is usually injured as it strikes the dashboard.

Treatment Options

The treatment of nasal septum deviation depends on the cause. The initial treatment of nasal septum deviation is directed at the symptoms of nasal obstruction. Healthcare providers usually prescribe decongestants that are available as a spray and a pill. Antihistamines may be useful for patients with allergies, nasal obstruction and a runny nose. If there is inflammation in the nasal passages that is causing a blockage, then a nasal steroid spray may be prescribed. It is important to understand that these medications do not fix the nasal septum- they only relieve the symptoms.

There are also a variety of nasal strips that can be used to open the nasal passages. The nasal sNasal Bumps or Deviations NYC 2trips come in various sizes and are essentially a type of adhesive bandage embedded within a splint that is placed across the bridge of the nose. It is claimed that these strips can help make breathing easier and prevent snoring. Nasal strips are available over the counter and do not have any adverse effects. Unfortunately, the benefits of nasal strips are not consistent, neither are they seen in all individuals with a deviated septum.

Information about septoplasty

For the majority of patients with a deviated septum, surgery is the ideal solution. One common cosmetic procedure used to correct a deviated nasal septum is called Septoplasty. In this procedure, the surgeon will try and realign the deviated septum in the center. One has to be realistic with the results, depending on the degree of septal deviation. Surgery can help relieve symptoms of nasal obstruction. However, those symptoms due to a sinus disorder or an allergy will not be cured by correcting the deviated nasal septum.

In some cases, Septoplasty is combined with a Rhinoplasty (which is reshaping of the external shape of the nose). Rhinoplasty not only changes the shape but also size of the nose. In most cases, the results of rhinoplasty are very aesthetically pleasing.

Whether you want to fix your nose because of its shape or size or if you have suffered an injury that has affected the look and feel of your nose, it is best to consult a good New York City Cosmetic Doctor to help figure out your treatment options.

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